OctaChainer v1.2

Top work Abhoth, only used it a couple of times, but it’s been a massive timesaver already, not to mention a RAM spacesaver for slices of different lengths.

Although you’ve mentioned this a few times on this thread, just to be clear:

If I import samples that the OctaChainer identifies as 24bit 48khz, yet click the options to save it as 16bit 44.1khz, I’ll have a sample chain that will play at the wrong pitch/speed; ie:

Van Halen goes Microtonal

that’s hilarious… why is DLR still in tune? :slight_smile:

I’m a bit late to the party (only just discovered this) but thanks Abhoth!
Running on OSX through Wine and it’s magnificent!
No more clunky manual compiling. So many more samples per kit (AR)…yesssss.

Great program…been using it for single hits to make 64 kicks, hats etc in one file for OT…works a treat

However having trouble trying to do some percussion loops. I have a bunch of loops that are different tempos is it possible to chain/slice them up in the one file and have the OT be able to use them.

Just now they are not staying in sync with the tempo on OT.

Or do i have to time stretch them all first to same tempo before using octachainer?

Hmm, yes. The BPM setting in the sample attributes menu is for the entire file. You can’t have separate BPMs per slice. I guess you would have to manually change the BPM to the tempo of the loop you are currently using, which doesn’t sound very practical…

Thanks…will time-stretch them all to same tempo first then…

Installed the latest version and it works. In fact it’s fucking great!! Thank you so much!!

hi,what software do i need to open octachainer with,downloaded it for windows but wont open,thanks for help

You need to unzip it first to a space on your harddrive.

I use winrar for this.

Then the file just runs when you open it…no need for installation.

hi,thanks was me just being silly,tryed to open wrong file lol

I bought a MacBook Air recently and wanted OctaChainer on it. So I just uploaded a native OS X version here:

As a brand new Mac owner I’m not familiar with how to deploy software on OS X, so I might have gotten something wrong.

It runs fine on my El Capitan mac, and I’ve checked that the .wav and .ot are the same as on the Windows version. So it should be perfectly safe. But as always, own risk, etc.

Hi Abhoth,

Thanks for sharing this! I’ve just downloaded and used it on Mac OS X 10.10.5. It worked like a charm on a 32 slice HiHat sample.

I have not otherwise explored all the options your app offers, but thought you 'd appreciate knowing that so far, so good.

Excellent, that probably means I got things right. I just updated the first post with a link to the OS X version. Thanks for giving it a go!

Tested on 10.10.5 and works good here too.

I usually use a command line tool for making my slices (https://github.com/ClintH/gtbg) but having an user interface with drag&drop is cool.

The feature that I’m missing the most is the arbitrary slice length, which is really useful to save space when you have samples with silence tails. Other than that, great work Abhoth :+1:

OS X link does not work =/

That is because this forum is just a couple of hours old and don’t have the files section anymore. I’ll host the files somewhere else and update the links. Just give me a day or so.

Aha ok, no worries… take your time =)

I can’t edit the main post, so I can’t replace the links. But I’ve put both versions here:
OctaChainer v1.2 Windows
OctaChainer v1.2 OS X


Whaaaa, thank you!

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Thank you Abhoth :+1:

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