OctaChainer v1.2

sure I will give it a go, thx for replying so fast, I am mucking around with the Max waveform object to make a tool but as yours is already there.

A couple of “last” :wink: questions:

if i dont crop off the tail end then I am right in thinking that the BPM will not match the original BPM?

I set the sample chain s at 120 bpm but with the tails its altering that, so in theory the OT would have to use time stretching.

Is the code that created the OT files available, so i can get Max to create that file, I am guessing its something that can be created with a text file just with the .OT extension.

Obviously I have no knowledge of how the file is created

If the correct BPM for the audio is 120, then that is what you should set it to in OctaChainer, regardless of the length of the file. The tool then knows how long each step is and can therefore place slicepoints correctly.

When you set the BPM, the sample length in number of bars is automatically adjusted to match this (to, say, 4.25), both in the tool and on the OT. So with time stretch on nothing should change. But iirc I round off number of bars to the same accuracy as what is shown in the display on the OT. I haven’t checked if setting the BPM on the OT actually sets a more exact bar length and just display a rounded value. So if you set the BPM on files that aren’t a precise number of bars in length and something doesn’t sound quite right with timestretching on I’d try to set the BPM again on the Octatrack afterwards. You might get a more accurate bar length that way.

The .OT file is not a text file, unfortunately. There is a link to the OctaChainer source code in the first post of this thread. Look in otwriter.h and otwriter.cpp for details on what the .OT files contain.

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thats cool, THANK YOU.

Ive set the paths and just added 230 wav files, ive set to Steps and selected 16, bpm set at 120 but the create button is greyed out whereas when I did 1 file it was not.

so not sure why.

any hints please would be welcome.

ps against each file it has bracketed [S 24 44100]

OctaChainer doesn’t batch convert. The main purpose of The tool is to chain together many small audio files into one large. So what happens when you load 230 is that you would end up with one gigantic file and too many slices. Since the max is 64 slices the create button gets disabled.
Doing one at a time sounds like a lot of work, but no way around it, unfortunately. :frowning:
S 24 44100 means stereo 24bit 44100kHz.

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aha ok that explains why, and great programming you made, to detect idiots like me!

ok I will carry on with an editor to do the individual sample chain breakdowns.

I will post here when I am done.

Ive made an editor now that will take a sample chain a wav made up of notes in range C1 to C6, it will split them out and save three wavs

all samples were taken at 120bpm

All I need now is to understand how OT writer works, which I am struggling with as I dont have any knowledge of C++.

Ive installed Visual Studio 15 and got a simple project main. I am not sure if stepping through is going to help me so i wonder if we could liaise on that.

It appears that in Max I would have to start the .ot file creation from scratch and I dont know enough about that process.

If you can assist that would be great but if not thats fine too.

If you can assist that would be great but if not thats fine too.

Sure, I’d be happy to help. I don’t understand exactly what it is you are trying to do, though. Would you mind explaining a bit more in a PM?

yes of course

Thanks a lot for your slice editor, this is very helpfull, and adds lots of possiblitys, and it makes it very fast to work with samples.

Automatic null Point detection, and slicing would be a nice feature. Wave display, and slice point editing would also be cool, if you would be able to program this.

Probably a stupid question but when adding lets say 64 samples and setting to normal I am getting a wave file and an ot file.

Where do I have to put the ot file? in the same folder as the .wav? I tried (very shortly I must admit as I was in a hurry) and just got the .wav displayed but not the .ot. Is the octatrack going to read the file automatically if a .wav with the same name is loaded?


Keep the .wav and .ot file together, and they have the same name, albeit with different extensions.

When you load the .wav/sample, the Octatrack looks for a matching .ot file in the same folder. If it exists, it gets loaded at the same time.


cool. thanks!

Automatic null point detection? You mean like creating a slice point at silent sections of an audio file? If so, that was something I considered for v1.2 but I didn’t get around to add.

A wave display for the currently selected audio sounds neat, and not hard to add. And some kind of “time line” marking the slices along the length of the resulting chain perhaps?

Not sure about the slice editing, though. The OT already does that well. Alternatively, one can slice things in a dedicated audio editor with transient detection etc and export each slice to separate wavs. Chaining these in OctaChainer afterwards takes seconds. I often combine ReCycle and OctaChainer to slice up loops.

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Hi Abhoth,

I’m a new user, so forgive my ignorance, but you mentioned that you use recycle. I’d love to be able to import to the octa sliced samples together with their midi files, in order to keep the grooves intact. Would it be theoretically possible to record the recycle midi files related to the slice chains in to the octa, perhaps also sending with the note data the correct cc for each slice start point? I’m aware from posts about ‘playing slices via midi’ that the relevant cc needs a delay offset. I could probably hack together a midi preset in Bomes MT that would do this if it’s a goer…

I have never recorded to the Octatrack from another sequencer, so I’m not really the best person to answer. But as far as I know, recording trigs to the OT should be possible. I wouldn’t bother with CCs though. The slices should increment by one per trig anyways, so just setting them yourself on the OT should take seconds.

I like to create my own grooves (even though I’m real bad at it), but if I wanted to recreate one from recycle on the Octatrack I’d probably do it the low tech way of just examening the groove in a daw and then use microtiming to manually place them similarly on the OT. But I bet someone will come along with a better suggestion.:slight_smile:

Oh, iirc Rusty have plans for midi import in his super-useful OctaEdit software. You might want to check the OctaEdit thread for info on that.

Great work thanks!

Works treat on the mac when installed using Wine.
Just make sure you put both the WAV file and the .OT file in the same folder on the OT.

Use the same installation method as the Octaedit when using wine


Really a great program that makes sample chains a breeze!

Thanks again!!!

Nice job Abhoth!

Ok thanks for the reply Abhoth, yes I suppose I should just do it manually. Midi import for Octaedit sounds promising though. Time to finally jump from osx to windows!