OCTA + Ableton Sound Latency

So guys there’s something it’s just blowing my mind up… I recently change some gears in my studio and just change the position of the audio Imputs coming from my Octa to the audio interface and well maybe I did also something in ableton or I don’t know… But since then I have a exactly one octave sound latency when I trigger the octa from Live. Before this my octa always worked perfectly with any kind of latency. I’ve create a click track in ableton also an Analog Rytm track in ableton and the octa track as well and all three playing toguether. And now the octa has a one octave delay. The point is that if I plug the headphones into the octa then everything sounds perfect in time with ableton but when the audio comes thru ableton has this stupid delay… Any idea???

This doesn’t compute. Can you elaborate on this please?


Sorry I didn’t finished the post properly… I mean that the latency is like if I put all the triggers in the octa just one position to the right instead in position 1, 5 9 13. But “utime” keys position are at 0.

And when I listen through the headphones everything sounds perfecto in time with ableton… it’s just when the sound comes from the octa into ableton… but it never happened before…

…does not compute?
that’s a good one… :wink:

just for clarification, sergio…
octave is tonal frequency refernce…
latency is a timing reference…ONLY.

and, er, i still don’t get it…

and if u never had that before…and worx fine on ur headphones…from ot out only, i guess…there’s some kind of odd and simple mistake going on…
check ur midi chaining again…ob in use?..what’s ur the setup in detail…?
midi and audio wise…

Yep that’s a mistake for sure but I’ve no clue where’s it located… Well The latency for sure is somewhere in audio as I described when I listed the OT with HP it goes perfect in time just hitting perfect with Both tracks I’ve created in Ableton One just an audio Kick Loop and other with the AR also a kick.
Well the set up is:
OT (Midi In from a 4x4 midisport connected via USB to the Mac to get midi from Ableton).
OT (midi Out to a Novation Peak which is also connected via USB to the Mac to work both with Ableton as external instrument and with OT to sample and secuence it.)
AR plugged UsB to the Mac. All Audios into a Presonus Quantum 32x26.

Also midi Chain seem ok… I’ve Channel 11 both as default in OT and also in the external instrument I’ve created in Ableton.
Channel 12 for the Peak As slave when I sample and trigger it with the octatrack. I use Track 6 in octatrack MIDI with channel 12 and A - B audio in (coming from the Audio Interface)

Hey, having a little trouble understanding what you’re talking about, but usually when I’m using interface audio inputs and overbridge at the same time I think I need the “delay compensation” and “reduced latency when monitoring” settings in the option menu setup in a certain way. It’s been a minute since I’ve had to mess with that, but I know when they get altered my sync gets all messed up.

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Try using the external instrument device on the Octatrack channel in Live, and adjust the hardware latency parameter. Make sure delay compensation is on in Ableton options. This may not solve your issue, but it’s a good place to start. Welcome to the latency/sync rabbit hole :confused:. Respectfully, I’d recommend doing some reading on DAW/interface latency, esp. as it relates to using external hardware. Once you’ve got your terms straight, it’ll be much easier for folks to help you out.

If you try different tempo settings that latency remains the same ?

Hey! thanks for the reply… yep the issue is for sure in the Latency parameter either in the External Instrument and the Midi out channel In Ableton preferences. Finally I compensate it more or less to work properly but it was weird that Before I made some hardware changes the OT was working perfect with no Latency…
Thanks you guys for the replies!!..

Did you go through the manual step by step and set up everything?
With monitoring on, automatic latency compensation does not work in Live (use mixer or direct monitoring on your audio interface).
The external instrument device and external audio effect device offer latency compensation.

How high is your buffer size?

On my new computer with which I can set buffer size to 64 without any problems (4 ms roundtrip latency) latency compensation works great. On my old laptop (buffer size max 256 samples, on projects with lots of tracks/plugins 512 samples) it did not work well at all. Couldn’t get it to work in a reliable way.

Seed to Stage recently posted a video about syncing external instruments with Ableton. Might be helpful: https://youtu.be/WkQkzBB6Szc