OB standalone -> soundcard


is there a way I can route Digitakt’s individual outs to external soundcard with standalone overbridge?


Not easily on Windows. No idea on Mac. On Linux you can use Overwitch and PipeWire. Then you can route the individual in/out ports to one or many sound cards.

Overwitch is a community implementation of the Overbridge protocol for Linux.

OK, I am on Mac and can do it with Logic but it is a bit overkill when standalone can record separate tracks… I will look into Overwitch maybe somebody ported it for mac…


It’s open source, so you should be able to compile it on Mac… the CLI app at least.

I remember soundflower for mac, that could do routing, I will look into that.

maybe you can try to make a standalone rasberry pi or something with linux and a soundcard with 8 outputs and make some code working on overitch and pipewire to automaticaly route dt outputs into analogue outputs.

Overwitch developer here.

I’ll take a look at installing it on OSX. Should be perfectly possible. Perhaps, installing it over Homebrew is a better way to go. It could even make the GUI work.

I’ll borrow a Mac and try a few things.

I’m linking here the main thread.

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