OB 1.15.0 Issues


Making this thread for those experiencing installation issues concerning the new release of OB 1.15 and the corresponding OS updates for this version (discuss device specific issues in the appropriate forum pages)

The News item was not intended as a thread to discuss technical problems and such …

Reporting Issues

To re-iterate what is stated clearly elsewhere, this is a discussion forum for the users to support one another and to share ideas etc, it’s not the place to get your issue dealt with formally - it may occasionally be read by Elektron staff but if you want a specific issue addressed by Elektron then you need to resort to the Support Pages.

By all means, ask for support here, but keep in mind it will predominantly be user feedback.

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I get a ‘403-Forbidden’ when I click on the Mac and Windows download link on the Overbridge support page?




My finger’s on the button. :grinning:


Thanks! That worked!


Tried to connect my A4/Ar with my new MacBook trhu USB to USB C but in my Audio Midi setup I see only greyed out icon of a4. I am unable to see it thru USB. Can you help?

MBP 2016, Sierra 10.2.2


Got it working. From direct Global menu, not thru restart of the A4 as it gets lost from the Midi Audio. Also even not yet upgarded and working on A4 you should tick Overbridge mode for the USB before sending the syx. file.


Seriously guys… I tried on two macbooks and now on a dell Computer running win 10…
when using overbridge I get unstable Timing.
If I sync through the plugin in clock mode the hits come a bit before the Point when recording. Timing seems more or less stable. is there any way to adjust an Offset here?
When using my multiclock to sync the a4 or rytm the Timing is not stable at all when i take the digital streams

when using my multiclock to sync the rytm and a4 and use the analogue Outs and go into my Audio Interface everything is really tight. it just sucks as the a4 doesnt have Multi io but recording track per track is way better than the unstable overbridge. seriously i have no idea what is going on but i have this Problem on three different Computers and two different Systems.

anyone else having these Problems???


What version of MacOS is installed on Macbooks?


I treid with mavericks as well as el captain. running win 10 now on a recent Laptop. no Audio Software on the macs anymore.


What responses have you received from the support tickets?


Please bear in mind that this is a news post; any issues or technical questions should be made in a separate topic, or sent to us via our support section on Elektron.se directly. Do note that we do not use Elektronauts as an official support forum (however we do respond if we happen to see issues)

Using an external clock will not work with Overbridge due to how it relies on the DAW’s latency compensation.


I would be fine using overbridge to sync the rytm and a4 and it seems quite stable to be honest but the Event are a Little bit too early when recording.


oops sorry. well just keep it off then…


Watch out – Has killed OB functions on both Live and Logic for me. OB looks for my A4 but can’t find it.

Running El Capitan 10.11.6


Did you update the A4 OS?


FWIW To prevent possible alarm, there’s a small confirmed issue whereby if the Track selected in the Plugin differs from the Device the OB ‘Save…’ menu will be out of action - to rectify, until the next release, just ensure the device Track matches the Plugin by pressing Track+Pad :thup:

[BUG] RYTM - Issues tagging and saving samples in OB 1.15

Would love to hear from any Core 2 Duo El Capitan users about usability.


Yep, I did. Am using a Core 2 Duo too.


Total noob here. I’ve updated the AH and installed the new version of OB. I’ve turned on usb audio in the AH but i don’t think any sound is being sent to the AH from Logic.

How do i activate channels? if thats necessary?