Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

Yeah, but your Push 2 can’t be used for standalone midi control :wink:


What’s the chord mode like?

Am I seeing it right that your midi out 2 is on a mult? I thought those passive mults we use for eurorack are ts only, not TRS for MIDI over 3.5mm?

Hooo !! I didn’t watched closely enough !!

There is a Midi In ! So , i can connect my BSP into it , to have those sweet quick and easy apregiator/roller feature , and recording it into the LPP !

Ok , this is official : Novation REALLY nailed this one !! A future CLASSIC !

Not really a contender to a digitakt or model samples , but really a good cheap alternative one for standalone sequencing !

Im falling in love :heart_eyes:

I’m looking forward to seeing how this can be used to control the Peak! I’m assuming there will be a template set up specifically for the Peak.


And it can be a really sweet addition to a digitone i believe too

Each sequencer for each « part » of it
Manipulate everything With probability/pitch shifting/sequencer editing/mangling

Can be NASTY for IDM stuff (maybe if it is a bit redondant maybe …)

What does it add that the Digitone sequencer doesn’t though? You already have probability plocks

So many questions… :grin:

Track 1: 24 steps at 1/16th per step
Track 2: 26 steps at 1/16th per step
Track 3: 32 steps at ¼ per step
Track 4: 19 steps at 1/8triplets per step

Far enough for ya?

The note portion of the Chrod layout is done like this: The left column is the scale, root on bottom, going up. The columns to the right are: 5th up, 3rd up + octave, 7th up, 5th up + octave. Note that these are scale aware, so the 3rd and 7th are the right kind for each note of the scale on the left. To play an arp’d chord you just play 3 to 5 notes in a line from the note on the left. various arp patterns are then just easy finger patterns across a row.

@Versipellis / @Calc:
Certainly looks like it’s a passive mult of MIDI out to two ins… And that isn’t spec’d to work for MIDI (TRS, or any flavor, really). MIDI is a “current loop” interface, not a voltage based signal, and so passive splitting has no guarantee of working. It might, but don’t be surprised if it is very dodgy!

Yup - you can record MIDI In into the sequencer! Only sadness is that you can’t record from the Note mode into the sequencer, only the half-grid note mode that is part of the sequencer. I’ve logged that as a feature request, so there’s hope for the future.

They’ve been using the original LPP to play the Peak at shows for the last two years or so… so I’m sure this is going to work really nicely with the Peak.


Love it. Might go for this before the Keystep Pro.

Essentially, if I get this right, I can use a drum track to sequence all my sixteen Blackbox sample slots, and still have three tracks left for other mayhem.


I was JUST about to say this. Glad to see we’re on the same page :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you so much @mzero! This is so well thought out.

does the chords feature sound natural or are they all the notes triggered at the same time?

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Yeah, this looks to be quite the well considered package. The probability and mutate are really smart - really useful in the Launch Key Mini Mk. 3 and would be especially so here. I do like how seems especially well suited to bridging the gap between Live and external gear like in the Bobby Eats video… the print to scene button is another great wee touch.

I wonder how well it keeps Live and external gear in sync.

Thanks for the replies @mzero. A couple more:

  • Are the pads more sensitive than those on the Circuit (or can they be configured to be)?
  • If I’m not using the onboard sequencers, but I do want to be able to switch between >4 midi channels, is that pretty quick and painless?

Keen to hear more info on how you’ve set that up, a video even better.

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Hey yes indeed it is a simple headphone splitter mult thingy, its not technically a MIDI splitter but it
works well enough and I’ve never had a problem.

That said there’s plenty of connectivity on the LPP itself; Midi In - amazing with a keyboard attached(ahem Summit), two MIDI outs one of which can be switched to Thru if you need it too.

There are 3 TRS adapters in the box and we now use the MIDI TRS A standard (this is now changed from the Circuit which was TRS B)

I wouldn’t use all the connections on this mult though, I think I would probably stop at 3 splits. just saves me reaching for another TRS adapter and one of the Thru boxes, plus its handy enough as it’s a 3.5mm connector.

BTW this is not an official endorsement of using this type of mult ;o)



Hey Calc, sorry a few more questions.

I brought a launchkey mini MK3 to feed my square pryamid. The only issue this that you can’t disable the internal clock output. Can the launchpad pro be clocked by an external device? And can you disable the internal clock output?


Yes indeed the Launchpad Pro can be clocked external and there is a switch in the MIDI settings to turn clock TX/RX on and off


Found a brief demo of the Mutate mode on the Mini Mk 3 @Calc is this the same for the launchpad Pro?

Is there a switch to turn of midi on the launchkey mini MK3?