Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

“Keep your tracks evolving with the four-track, eight-note polyphonic, 32-step standalone sequencer. Sequence virtual instruments and instantly print patterns to Clips in Ableton Live. Or hook up your favourite hardware to play patterns via MIDI — Launchpad Pro integrates seamlessly. Micro Steps take grooves off-grid. Probability, Mutation, Sync Rate and Play Order let you transform your patterns on the fly. Patterns can be chained together and assigned to Scenes to build complete songs.”


Wow this is pretty good for 349 US. Chord mode too.

Mutate mode which is what the squid has too right ?


Yeah, I like the sleeker, slimmer design, and the built in sequencer, allowing it to be standalone. They seemed to have added the features I wanted in the first Launchpad Pro. It seems like a good deal too.

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Velocity and Pressure sensitive pads and stand alone midi sequencer make this look quite attractive…299 GBP UK

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I have a push 2 and all but sometimes I work in cubase and need quick access to chords using shortcut buttons. In a way this is a good buy because if I ever stop using ableton I have a controller for other things.

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Been waiting forever for this and it’s even better than I imagined.


I know I’m biased but this is a serious bit of kit, the sequencer’s really powerful and the 8 customisable templates make for excellent Elektron controllers too.

It becomes a bit like a central control/sequencer station.

I plan on making a video in the next couple of days with it in stand alone mode along with some OT mappings.

Oh and using the Launchpad Pro/ LPX or Mini MK3s with customised templates, you can get the famous OT transition trick done it two button presses!!! it’s pretty darn neat.


Here’s the LPP showing a template set up for Mute/Cue control of the tracks, the crossfader and the red buttons at the top arm Flex machines for live sampling and transition trick ;0)


Wowowowowow !!!

It’s so damn neat !!

Serious contender against the Keystep Pro !

I love the in-built sequencer ala Circuit/MonoStation ! I love jamming using those « sequencer mangling » feature , really great for happy accident !

Sadly (or not ?) I already have my setup done with all my stuff with the Digitakt being the brain of my setup … I don’t see how and why I could use it

I’m already using the Beatstep Pro (into the Digitakt) to get quick drum sequence and quick arpegiatos … meh
Chord mode seems to be super easy and quick to use though …

AAAAAARGH !! So tempting :joy:

Well done Novation btw !!

The legend himself! Haha. Love your Demos man always look forward to watching. You and Ricky always bring the quality in.


I have one and have been noodling with it for a few months now. The original LPP has been a central part of my rig for the last few years. This is a wonderful improvement: The pad feel is really great, and the improved Note mode is great.

If anyone has technical questions, ask away!


Just 32 steps? Seriously? I‘m out.

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More like in blocks of 32 steps: Each track has 8 pattern slots, each of which is upto 32 steps. It is very easy to record & play a set of patterns as a single looping element. And tracks can be at different speeds… So if you want a 12 bar bass line, you can easily play that track ½ speed, so you get 4 measures per pattern, and record/play 3 patterns together - so you now have 12 bars.


happy that i did not buy second Pro Mk2.
i don’t like USB socket on Mk3, but since Mk3 is significantly thinner than Mk2, it’s ok.

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Finally, something cool and useable that uses USB C!

Very nice looking controller

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Hi there !

Did you know if there is a « Arp mode » on this new boi ?

Because betwenn this and the new upcoming Keystep Pro , my heart can’t decide hahahah

This is available now in BLACK. Job Done!


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There is no arpeggiator.

Now, it’s not the same at all, but the new Chord mode layout makes it trivial to play arpeggiated chords by hand.


So each track can have its own time signature and number of steps? How far can I take this in terms of polyrythm stuff?

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