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It looks like the editor is now also available as a VST/AU device - that puts it into Overbridge territory, and I am seriously wondering if that doesn’t make the Novation Circuit one of the Digitakt competitors out there. Of course no audio via USB AFAIK, but given the limitations of the standard Overbridge vs premium, it still seems like a viable alternative (for me personally, considering I could find a 2nd hand Circuit for ~AUD350 vs. approximately AUD1100 for a Digitakt).

Edit: Just realised that I forgot to paste in the link to the isotonik site:


I guess it depends on what you want to do. No doubt Digitakt will have a ton of sample manipulation options not present in the Circuit (which, imo, is pretty disappointing for samples, even compared to 1st-gen grooveboxes like the ES-1), but the Circuit will always have the awesome synth engine to make it worth the money.


I had a Circuit for a year, and made quite a few tracks with it. In term of getting shit done and putting it together, it’s one of the most rewarding instruments I’ve owned.

But it has to be said, and I’ve said it in this thread before - the Circuit will eventually fade for ayone who sticks with it long enough, due to its lack of sonical depth. I don’t refer to its editing capabilities - it’s quite flexible. But it just doesn’t reach that far, even when you push it. It’s a great piece of kit, certainly for the price.

But I would guess that the DigiTakt will just keep on surprising you, long after the Circuit’s shown all its tricks and even presented its encore. That’s the thing about Elektron - there’s probably an end to the depth of their instruments, but no one’s found it yet.

I agree with the ES-1 sentiment as well. That’s also a box that just keeps on giving, way beyond it’s going rate today and its meager feature set. It’s the combo of all these things that make it killer.


I had a circuit but sold it. Thought it was fun and instantly playable but i hated how you needed to connect to editor to get the best out of it. If it had a basic screen and bit of diving to access synth parameters I’d have kept it.

Can’t really compare it to digitakt as for starters it doesn’t sample. 8 sample tracks Vs 2 and 8 midi tracks Vs 2.

Circuit seemed great for wanting to quickly knock things together and it’s support is amazing along with its constant development and updates. As a product it’s head and shoulders above a lot of others for those reasons but just didn’t suit my needs.


Some really interesting comments here - it actually makes me even more curious about the Circuit!


For those of you adverse to logging into the cloud solution or having to login using Facebook, Novation have now created a stand alone solution.


yep! finally.


Be sure to check our Shawn Rudiman’s sample pack! He has a ridiculous amount of gear that he’s sampled and processed.


This is the gift that keeps on giving.


Anyone think this component update is a prelude to the Circuit Pro rumoured to be around the corner. Seems likely given the Superbooth 2017 rumours.


I certainly think so. Checking out the Deluge, there’s obviously a lot you can do with a grid interface in a compact, battery-powered package. That’s basically what the Circuit Pro could be.

But at the same time, I don’t think Novation will release something that’s like Circuit, only better. It’s such a landmark piece for them, they want to keep it around for a long time, just to further underline its influence.

I’d say they’re expanding on the family, rather. A sampler version, perhaps an entire line-up of family products, or potentially a keyboard-oriented beast with strong inspiration from the Circuit’s workflow, but more like a compact workstation for the keyboard players (or so I wish :slight_smile:


A decent screen on Deluge & Circuit, would add a ton of functionality.
Intuitive UI with no screen is ok, for a limited machine. But with a more expensive product, a decent screen to reach more menus and options is a must have IMO. I am a person who needs feedback in that sense. Like a Push 2 standalone is what we are talking here.

For instance, I love my OP-1 because it gives me such good visual feedback and is inspiring at the same time.


Oh cool, Id really love a circuit pro. The original is such fun and so inspirational in use.


Yeah just through a couple more outputs and screen.


Would dearly like to see something along these lines


I’m a Circuit owner since last week - and I’m impressed by this little box!
A lot of fun and fast sonic endeavours for small money.

Just today I realised that the Isotonik editor (free version) also allows to edit the Reverb and Delay FX.
And the edited FX is saved with the session, so you are not confined to the exisitng FX presets.
(I think the same goes for the synth patches, but haven’t tried yet)


I would like to add that the Circuit can be a powerful tool for controlling ITB and hardware synths.

For instance, as it has 2 independent synth channels, you can route these both into one VST in your DAW and feed a good VST synth with the sequences in your Circuit. These can be polyrhytmic, as the two channels do not have to have the same length. This will result in a polyrhythmically changing synth line, with 8 knobs to control various synth parameters. It even can do on-the-fly transposing of sequences true to the scale/key of the track.

Hence, my Circuit has found a second live now as a controller/sequencer for my VSTs while I am travelling, as it is less heavy than a Push, has more functions than a simple midi keyboard and also glows nicely in the dark.


Somehow I missed this! I will have to explore further…


So novation are definitely not sitting still!
Drum microtiming, panning, led dimming, fx mute… Quite an update!
This little box just keeps on giving :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more! Sold mine last year, got another this week, and what a terrific little box of tricks this is. There’s now an iOS editor that can save patches to and from the machine which makes this almost the perfect machine for me.