Novation // Circuit



How is the Novation Circuit at controlling external midi synths?
Any fun?
Looking for a grid controller with notes/scale so I was thinking Launchpad pro, but then I realised I could look for a Circuit…


It is good for sequencing other stuff, however you can’t change the midi channels they are permanently 1 and 2 on the hardware, you could use some clever midi routing to change it somehow though


That wouldn’t be a problem I guess as I’d have it send midi into the MPC live and from there out to the A4.


Ops, I might have just bought one…


I’ve practically been foaming at the mouth for these new features. Makes me miss the DT a bit less, kinda. Anyone else excited about the new features?


They really pushed the circuit in the right direction with every release.
And I’ve never had ANY issue with it.
If the now would release an renewed manual, that woukd be it.
A duotimbral polyphonic synth (Ultranova engines), yet very restricted in it’s interface for less than 300 EUR with four sample parts (with a great sounding overdrive), battery powered. They really nailed it.
At 1.0 i was happy when I bought it. With every update the machine grew new powers, always stable.
It’s not a toy, even when it looks like. More of a performance synth.
You prep your patches on the go via mobile editor or in the editor on the computer, with eight assignale
macro knobs to ALL parameters, the UI very straight forward.

If one looks for a new companion or a sketchbook, I can totally recommend the circuit. Used ones starting at 170EUR.


They definitely played their cards right with the Circuit. The fact that year after year you keep getting your money’s worth with each update is just plain awesome. I can’t wait to sequence my 404 with the synth tracks and micro delays. Some wonkiness is sure to come!


I have my Digitone and I’m looking for something to pair it with. I figured that sounds like a solid option based on the reviews but wanted to ask for your opinions :slight_smile: Next year I’m going to get the Digitakt but for now I need something with a bit more drum capabilities to use alongside my Digitone.


not owning yet, but planning to give it myself for xmas.
what makes it very attractive for me:

  • two polyphonic synths + some drums + input device combo in this form factor is unbeatable. (well, desktop blofeld is smaller, but it has nothing like keyboard input).
  • everything is MIDI controllable, either via CC or NRPN. (novation style)

so, at least it’s a perfect device for touring.


No way to deep edit synth patches without computer + lack of patch slots = total deal breaker for me.


And it’s a shame really, cause the synths sound good and have interesting params.


A friend loaned me a Circuit and a Mono Station for a couple weeks maybe a year ago? Played with em for a day or two and set em aside. Weird, because there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with em and many just love em. I just couldn’t get into them at all


I’ve decided to just snag the new pad controller for the Professional version of the DAW I use (Studio One 4 and the Presonus Atom controller)… It’s only $150 right now and came out quite recently.


I have a Circuit Mono Station. Love it. Good sound and interface. Not quite the same as a Circuit though, obviously.


The names confuse me a bit… They call the groovebox the Circuit but if it were up to me I’d call the Mono Station the Circuit lol.


Let us know how that is in another thread once you’ve used it for a bit. I’ve been eyeing it.


I don’t really like the features/sound all that much, although it’s an interesting effort and a nice option for beginners… imho
I wonder if they’ll ever go for something deeper, like an MK2 or a Pro version - with a screen and deeper capabilities - they did a great job updating the machine constantly with new features, so if they gather from those experiences and create a new instrument, it might be interesting.


I kinda feel like the Deluge is the ‘Circuit Pro’


hehe well it does share some aspects, but Deluge seems like an incredibly deeper machine… it also shares some of the same downsides/critiques (ie. lack of screen, although most users say that it doesn’t matter… well, with all those amazing updates they’ve kept doing, I think it’s hard to deny that a screen would be appreciated)… that’s another machine that made me feel “they’ll get it right on MK2” - that might never happen, but still…
I do think Deluge is one of the most bold, interesting instruments I’ve seen in the last few years, and the pace and dimension of the features they’ve been adding puts Elektron to shame :stuck_out_tongue: