Noooooootropics (Nootropics)

Staying off social media seems to be a very potent nootropic.


Yerba Matte has three different stimulants in it: caffeine, theophylline and theobromine.

And to show I didn’t make up the phrase:


Yerba Mate—A Long but Current History - PMC.

Thanks, so it’s no different than drinking a cup of coffee.

“Best Natural Alternative to Adderall”… caffeine.

Such gimmicks!

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I’ve been enjoying THCV for a few months, if you have access. Micro dosed is great for focusing for me.

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Have you ever tried Kratom? I would say that it fits the description of natures adderall, like yerba mate

I drink a lot of espresso, green and oolong teas and yerba mate.

While the chemical composition of each is similar, strain, harvest time and preparation all impact both the taste and body high.

Now that I can skillfully pull a well-balanced shot from my lever machine, espresso is by far my favorite. Matcha is next, and mate is a distant third. The mate has the strongest stimulant effect, but is also harshest on my stomach.

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How is caffeine a gimmick? It’s psychoactive. And all these plants have different concentrations and chemical make ups so no it’s not “no different than drinking a cup of coffee”. For example, when you drink black tea caffeine binds to the catechins and so it absorbs more slowly which helps contribute to a less “cracked out” effect.

kratom is physically addictive. I’d be careful with it. or avoid it all together.


Caffeine isn’t a gimmick, the scammy marketing of caffeine in whatever different form as if it’s materially different is. Caffeine is caffeine, you’re not going to have it in a more bioavailable format than in pill form.

It’s the wellness equivalent of poo-poohing coffee for “harsh caffeine” in 5 hour energy shot ads when the only working component is… megadoses of caffeine.

Cool cool, now people are recommending opioids!

@zaezur So yeah, “Nootropics” as a category are useful to chat about more as a warning than being good for people with AuDHD brains :stuck_out_tongue:

If prescriptions were not right for you, unregulated and overbroad categories of anything you can put into your body will likely do no better.

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Let me tell you something, we all do. We all want cake.


Urban Maté


Kratom can be as addictive as phamies. The one benefit is that if you OD, you just get super wobbly. I do think it has its uses in helping addicts transition to something that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as pain pills (kilos can be found for $100), and is safer. However, it is still really addictive, and the wd is a real rough one. I would especially not recommend it as a substiute for Adderall. Its more for pain releief and euphoria. Sort of like herbal Vicodin. Again, caution beware. I strongly advise against people self medicating. May work for some, but the potential for disaster is very real.


Yerba Mate is much different than coffee, just as Green tea is, yet all have caffeine. My old roommates were from Argentina and during that time I drank a lot of Yerba Mate and it is really nice. Great to drink all day. Not sure why i dont drink it anymore, its been a while but its good stuff

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I took some advice here and my girl’s advice and went to Natty G for some brain food. Going to try this route for a bit. Thanks for the tips and I am totally going to start drinking mate again! forgot how great it is. Green tea i love but it gets me nauseous after too much but mate i can drink all day. going to order a little straw and drinking vessel now

I once had an adverse reaction to Yerba mate an had an errection that lasted for 5 hr, it was extremely painful that ended in a hospital visit. YMMV

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Coffee of course, lions mane, l-tyrosine, ginko

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Anyone using those green powders such as Athletic Greens? I’ve switched to Primal :face_vomiting: Greens due to their lower cost and usually start my day with a glass of that mixed with either cold brewed white tea or yerba. Can’t really say if it has improved my life any. Apparently cold brewing white and green tea is the best way to maximize the antioxidants. Also, I have a glass of sour cherry juice a day and it seems to be helping my girlfriend with sleep issues.

If anyone has a reputable brand of lion’s mane extract to share I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Apparently gauchos have a lower rate of heart disease despite eating so much meat due to yerba consumption.

I bought lion’s mane from Nootropics Depot. Seems to be a trustworthy brand, and I’ve used other supplements from them. I felt like lion’s mane was somewhat beneficial, but it gave me the runs.

I took Phenibut for about 2 years, only stopped as it got banned in my country, made me feel absolutely amazing though the withdrawal I went through was something else. I’m still annoyed that it got banned, though in all honesty it is probably for the best.