Noob questions


How detailed is the pattern data for that track? Could you get away with running it at 1/2 speed?


Don’t believe so, i have hihats in almost every step


Could you slow it down, then use the micro-timing menu to change the step multiplier to 2?


Not a noob question anyway. :meh:



Wow, i’m not a noob anymore ? :smiley:


That’s very smart, will try that !


I’m all about the tricks :smiley:


Back to noobness. One of the ‘cool’ things about the Octatrack is, even when you think you are starting to understand the machine, strange things happens and you don’t know why it happens.

Now i’m trying to find out what is going on here : i have an external drum machine plugged in a Thru machine. Sounds great. I put a DJ equalizer in FX1, just to fine tweak the EQ. BUT as soon as i put the DJ equalizer with every parameter default (all knobs in center), a lot of bass from my drum machine simply is gone ; it’s like i reduced the LOWG parameter but in fact, i did not reduce it. I delete the DJ equalizer and the bass is back. I expected the DJ equalizer do nothing with the sound unless i tweak the LOWG, MIDG, HIG and so on.

What is going on ? :roll_eyes:


Scene lock leftover?


Why the DJ EQ instead of the standard parametric EQ? I’ve actually never used the DJ one, as I assumed it was more for those high/low cut effects that seem to be common these days on DJ mixers, rather than a fine-tuned EQ.


I think so. Scene locked parameters being kept when you change fx. WTF add on? :slight_smile:

Quicker if you just want to add high frequencies gain. I wonder what would be corresponding settings between DJ and standard…same shelve curve or not, etc…




So far I prefer the DJ eq. It’s semi parametric and can whip drum loops into shape pretty quick :slight_smile:



Thank you :smiley:


I find the DJ eq easier to use in live situations ; sometimes i just want to cut the bass, for instance.


When in Audio editor, how can i play the current sample from the cursor ? If i press Func + Yes, it will always play from start, no matter where the cursor is…


In trim mode? You move the cursor with LEVEL knob?
That is possible in Slice page, not sure with TRIM / EDIT pages.


I just want to find where i want the sample to end and i don’t want have to listen the entire sample again everytime i adjust the end


I’m using T8 as master and i want a compressor on the FX2 slot. I thought when i put a compressor there, it will be on all banks in the same part, but this is not what is happening ; i put the compressor on bank 1, but when i change to bank2, the compressor is not there anymore. What can i do to the compressor be present in T8 / FX2 in ALL banks ?


Parts are per bank.