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I see… are audio tracks’ samples per bank too ?


I’m trying to move some samples i have edited with Sound Forge (Mac) into the Octa. I tried save it as ‘Wave (Compressed)’ and ‘Wave (Microsoft)’, but in both cases when i try to load the sample into a track, i get the ‘Error : Unsupported encoding’ error on the Octa. What am i missing ?


Wav uncompressed pcm.


Not perfect but you can set the loop point where you want to start again, with loop on, hold Fn+Enter and adjust end point.

Level knob doesn’t seem to be usefull in that case.


Sound Forge does not have this option, it seems i’ll need another app to export my samples…


What is the easier way to copy patterns / banks BETWEEN different projects ? :thinking:



Can Copy / Paste: Banks / Patterns / just about anything; between Projects in the same Set in the Sequencer module.

Can Save entire Banks / Patterns / just about anything; as presets into the Library in the Sequencer module.

Can Load entire Bank / Patterns / just about anything; from the Library in the Sequencer module.

Can Copy Bank / Patterns / Tracks / Parts / Scenes / Recorders / Arrangements between Projects in the same Set, or different Sets in the Manager module; whilst also re-mapping Sample Slots (if required).

Disclaimer: I’m the developer of OctaEdit.


Yes but your answer respond to the question :


It has it for sure! Basic setting.


Project Menu then scroll down to save current bank:

Then use file manager or usb disk mode to copy/paste:


This comes up endlessly… :smile:

The flex and static slots are global for the project, each go up to 128.

What happens is people load slots 1-8 with samples on their first bank/part/pattern then they go to another part or bank/part and change the samples in slots 1-8. The slots are just a list of samples to be used in the project that also contains trim, slice, and other data about the samples. Changing the samples in slots 1-8 will actually change the samples playing in the previous part as it points to slots 1-8 and the samples in those slots were just changed.

When you want another part to use different samples, load the samples into higher slots and point the track machines to those slots. For example part 1 plays slots 1-8, part 2 slots 9-16, part 3 17-24, etc…


Which option would it be ?


Thanks but my doubt is : if i have bank 1 and bank 2 , both using the same part, can these banks have different samples on the audio tracks ?


None, I think it is not in that menu. Try another way. I don’t have Sound Forge anymore.


Yes. Each Bank has four Parts. Each Part contains the Flex/Static Machine Default Track Samples.

The Sample List is global per Project.


That’s wonderful news for me as i’m mounting a 1h-1:30h live act with the Octa and now i know i can have one song per bank, without worrying to sharing samples between banks :smiley:


OT has 64 parts!
I thought it only had 4 for months after I got it… Major free upgrade! :smile:


Good advice is to treat each bank as a separate song.

Then divvy up your Sample Slots between each Song. So you could have 8 Flex and 8 Static per song/bank.

Flex/Static 001-008 = Song/Bank 01
Flex/Static 009-015 = Song/Bank 02

Get clever; and that will give you access to 16,384 samples; or get more clever and get 16,896 samples…




Saved + active versions? :thinking: