No songmode, what's a nice solution? (digitakt + digitone)

This is a large assumption of people’s cash flow and how they purchase instruments.
As well as DT and OT aren’t even really comparable except for the fact they both utilize samples.
Personally i got a DT cause it was exactly what I was looking for.


I don’t need another reason to give OT another shot- I gotta fight off the temptation.

However- if I DID- using the inputs of the DT/DN could suffice for an interface for the outputs…which would be pretty convenient…huge sample bank on the CFD and inputs could be used for audio from my iPhone/iPad… Midi arp…

Nope- don’t need reasons- the DT/DT should be fine

…The Cue outputs could go out for the external processing in the DN…two tier two boxes wouldn’t be TOO much space…


The what?

Yeah it’s not actually called that. But if you activate sync in the midi/program change menu across elektron boxes they will stay in sync pattern wise. Did you not know this?

I don’t think it is, they’re similar price ranges, at absolute worst a couple of hundred more if you’re talking used DT vs used OT. If someone can afford to spend hundreds on an electronic instrument with patience I’m certain they could save up a little more, and if that’s completely impossible it probably isn’t the best idea to put that kind of money into a digitakt. The OT and digitakt are comparable imo, they’re both elektron style samplers, one is the big brother. The digitakt is great though, and as someone who got exactly what they needed you aren’t one of the people I was talking about. You commented before me but I didn’t mean to direct that at you

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You know what you really want :cheeky:

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That’s why I bought an OT MKII instead. That and the ability to run a 64GB CF card.

However not everyone can afford the MKII, and for those who can only afford the MK1 used, they may not want to take a risk buying a possibly out of warranty device.

And then there is the learning curve. Many DT users are put off by the OT workflow. And while I believe the MKII went to great lengths to improve this, again, it is not as accessible, financially or “grab&go”-wise as the DT.

I reckon for many, song mode, or at least chain saving is all the DT needs to tick all their boxes. And the OT is perhaps overkill. There is a lot that OT can do that I do not need or utilize, so I imagine that this overkill quality is even more pronounced for a DT user that wants an arranger.


The encoders are the big draw factor for me on going for an OT2 if I would return(also, I like grey), but are the extra buttons more of an improvement than I’m giving them credit for?

Ableton Question

Is there a good device in Ableton/M4L where I can cc control Pitch, Sample Slice/Start end, and rate/forward backward, and maybe amp envelope?

A bit stingy, I know but-you know- money. Also, I’d like the integration with the DAW that the OT just can’t replicate

Its a fair point, I personally find the OT to be pretty grab and go at this point but it wasn’t easy to reach that point, sample preparation/hoarding and learning the OT etc. I think elektron will probably deliver on the song mode eventually but I doubt it will be soon. I just think having an arranger mode takes away from the “grab and go”ness that people love DT for

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I think so.
They make navigation more intuitive and cut down on the number of times you’ll haveto reference the manual. This is for both discovery and memory.
New users will be able to discover where things exist easier on the OT MKII thanks to the new and additional buttons (less stuff hidden in multiple function+buttons).
And existing users who (like me) might go several weeks between OT sessions won’t have to reference the manual to re-learn some things. The buttons help direct users to what they need to accomplish.

As much as I love the new OT MKII screen and encoders, it’s the new buttons that make me love it over the MK1 the most.

Anyway, getting off topic here, back to song mode.

OTs have it and I don’t even use it, a travesty, no?

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Best to start a new thread for this one, to get more attention and better chance of assistance.


I have the OT MK1 and a DT (bought the OT used when they went down in price). The DT is super accessible. I think mostly, for me, because of the sampling set-up and being one button away from viewing the waveform as it plays. Definitely a quick little beast…
But, what I have learned by owning both- The OT can be really simple if you use it the same way you use the DT (minus the ease of use sampling). Just using the OT as a sample triggering, midi sequncer, like the DT can be just as simple. If you never learn all the other options, you will have zero problems.
And with the OT you will have a hard time complaining about feature limitations.

Thanks @AdamJay!

I absolutely don’t get the logic of how an “arranger mode” or song mode being included “takes away” anything from anyone. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. I don’t use any drum sounds that are in my A4, but the fact that they’re in the machine doesn’t prevent me from using my A4 in the way I want to use it.


Maybe I should have. Or an MPC Live…but I looked at the DT feature set, and sure enough to this day it has EVERYTHING I need, except one thing that was promised:



-Remote pattern change actually working the way 99% of MIDI devices do, which is to say, instantaneous

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One issue I see with the “song mode” advocacy movement is that of branding. “Song Mode” sounds archaic, obtuse, stuffy, uncool

I mean, what artist writes songs anymore? gasp

Maybe call it something else. As I’ve said, all I really need is pattern change functioning correctly. Once that happens, man, I’ll never bitch about Elektron again. I swear.

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It’s not a delay in response, it’s changing at the ‘next’ pattern start instead of immediately. So just put program changes to Digitakt before the end of the previous pattern to change to the next. Works fine.

If they had an option for immediate pattern changing like AR/etc, it would be nice.

Re: song mode nomenclature…

OT calls it the “Arranger”, which sounds like if Denzel Washington starred in a biopic about Hans Zimmer, aka pretty bad-ass.


This is not how MIDI devices work generally speaking. Having to program a pattern change in that way destroys any compatibility with ableton. Elektron and Ableton should be a match made in heaven. It’s not with this issue.

Exactly. I would even prefer this solution to pattern chaining because it is much better suited for longer melodies and chord sequences. Unfortunately, the DTo has no scale per track, so I think this will also not happen for the DT.