No songmode, what's a nice solution? (digitakt + digitone)

Chain shots for Digitakt would be enough

conditional trigs are good for getting more than the 64 step in a single pattern and creating “longer” progressions and melodies. but then sometimes it starts to get more math than make music.

Would a simple fix just be an ‘Autoplay’ mode in the length settings?

If your CH or M length settings are set per pattern accordingly, then Autoplay just runs through an entire bank as programmed. Wouldn’t be an ‘arranger’ or ‘song mode’ as such, just a way to play through a whole bank automatically, perhaps with the ability to move around the bank manually as needed, with Auto to follow on from whichever pattern is playing in the bank.

Easier said than done if your working with a hardware sequencer. Probably easy enough in a DAW though I guess. But I don’t use software.

I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but is it possible to fake a song mode by using midi cable loopback to get the DT to send prog changes to itself?

There’s absolutely no excuse for not having a Song Mode or a save feature for pattern chaining… Elektron will not be getting a pass… Not until they address this issue…


I really don’t get why this thread needed to turn into that debate. There’s so many other threads that are full of that debate. OP asked for solutions, there’s like less than 10 post even addressing workarounds or solutions.

Everyone gets it, some of you are upset no song more, some of you say screw a song mode. Ugh.


As a solution for OP when you’re having both DT and DN you can send program changes to each other and create some sort of song mode that way. Not ideal but could lead to fun results combined with conditional trigs.

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You can also use the DT/DN MIDI sequencers to send program change to itself with a midi cable loopback.
Thanks to conditional trigs p-lockin P CHNG, things could get interesting.

This can be seen as a pseudo song mode, engaged by un-muting a dedicated P CHNG track on the MIDI sequencer.


Agreed. The other day I was able to make essentially an 8 bar loop (as opposed to 4 bars which 64 steps limits us to) using conditional trigs, but I had to use 2-3 tracks per synth part, because you can’t have more than one trig on a step, even if its a 1:2 or 2:2 conditional etc… with only 8 tracks, you run out of tracks quickly doing this.

You can get around the trig per step limitation by posting cond trigs on the neighbouring steps (from memory the step before works best as it chokes the usual trig) and nudging the micro timing so it lines up with your pattern. With the 8:8 condition this gives you a pseudo-32 bar pattern.

lol awesome, ill try that

Monomachine + Digitakt makes more sense for this than Digitakt + Digitone.

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basically elektron isnt a secret club anymore. and a now wider expanse of musicians have non-traditional uses in mind for incorporating elektron gear into their performances. and you can feel sad about that i guess? but the digitakt is obviously designed to be more immediately accessible to a larger audience. and a decent chunk of that audience is waiting for a song mode, where everything else on the market feels substantially less capable or appealing. hence this topic not dying. and the octatrack or rytm is like twice the price, when we’re only talking about a basic pattern chain recall feature.


The OT and AR are twice the price of the DT for more than just their inclusion of a song mode.

yes they can do more, but i dont need more. i need the digitakt to have a song mode. also a size thing. also a workflow thing.


Digitakt and Digitone will eventually include Overbridge
Overbridge requires a DAW
DAW is then your required ‘song mode’
And don’t shoot me, I am just the messenger from Elektron

Yeah, I can see that was the plan. Situation has changed and OB has obviously had a major delay, if it’s ever gonna materialize for real. When you think about it some kind of a multi-platform audio over USB multitracking thingy with some side serving of extra goodies is an insanely ambitious undertaking for a hardware Company the size of Elektron.

It would be much easier and a much better PR move (which they honestly need at this point) if they just implement some kind of pattern chain saving on the Digiboxes.


I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if they come out with a song mode until that requires both the other units to operate. They always seem to leave purposefully leave something crucial out of every unit, so that you’ll buy another one.


I wonder how OB will end up being DAW integrated for song mode? I know there will be streaming audio, but what if patterns could be mapped to midi, like drag n drop, and then tweaked on the fly for transitions and fills while arranging?