No songmode, what's a nice solution? (digitakt + digitone)

Isn’t it

Once (if) they fix the program change bug, slaving it to a full-featured sequencer will be the only way.

I call that a nobrainer and buy it in a heartbeat! But it wouldn’t make much sense calling it Digiseq as all the boxes have a sequencer on board. I would vote for Digiflow or something as everything would go in or out through that device. :slight_smile:


Fair enough, it depends how you work and what gear you have, I just record a stereo mix as I do most of my mixing pre recording, but yeah if you want to do the mix post recording or whatever then a multi input recorder or interface is needed, so if you don’t have that then I can see why it could be a problem.

Well, they clearly balanced the cost of adding and supporting the feature against the number of lost sales and decided that it was not worth adding a song mode to the DT and the DN.

Maybe they’re wrong, but I think that after having been in the electronic music instrument business for 20 years now, they probably have a decent idea of what they’re doing…

I think that this is the more sensible torch to carry, as it is an expansion of a currently available feature, and therefore more likely. And I am all for it.

Considering that all Elektron boxes with song mode/arrangers have dedicated buttons on them for those features, and that DT/DN are already so packed to the gills physically (even the knobs are closer together than on other Elektrons), one would think that saving chains, by adding an on-screen prompt, is far more likely to happen than a song mode.


Very solid advice, and making the most of what is currently possible.

Lobby Elektron to make it possible to save pattern chains.


You really think that’s going to work? People asked for MIDI sequencing in Analog Four for years and they refused to add it. Song mode has been intentionally left out and is not coming to Digi series.

Midi out on the analogs is orders of magnitude away from saving chains on the digis. Some things are too difficult to implement regardless of how many people ask for them. Not to mention, ‘something equivalent to song mode’ has already been promised so it’s natural to expect it.


It was ”promised” a year ago by Simon. And just today Simon commented on the subject with a ”no promises” comment in the main Digitone thread. It’s not coming.

Btw, Simon did comment about A4 MIDI sequencing too a couple years back and said they are aware it’s very much requested etc… still they developed a new revision of the synth without it included.

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The major difference being the mother of all chain modes was promised for DT while Midi sequencing for the A4 never was.


Elektron doesn’t seem to be aware they have promised this, as Simon commented today on the subject that he ”cannot promise anything”.

things also requested by users that WERE added:

-trig conditions
-fill mode (actually requested separately but added as one feature)
-A4 filter FM
-sampling on Rytm (though it came in the MKII… still, they listened, and acted)
-more Rytm synth machines
-OT OS update

Yes! I do think that if enough users ask for a way to save chains, chains being a feature already implemented, it is certainly more likely to happen than if we all sit here and mope about no song mode. What is wrong with a bit of pragmatism?

My glass is half full because I can actually see the water in it. My optimism is informed by my experiences.


I’m one of the few with a functional digitakt for whatever reason. The only two bugs that have popped up on my machine are the dual encoder midi bug and the program change delay.

The program change delay was first mentioned by someone using ableton as master to a digitakt I believe. Another person on the board gets it what slaving the DT to an ot. I get it when slaving my DT to my monomachine.

No sure if you could have ableton be the slave but still control the digitakt with Program change messages properly. I am not an ableton user.

The problem with this place is that the times when elektron do reach out and give a bit of a heads up, they get met with a tsunami of negativity for reaching out!

It’s a dammed of they do, dammed of they don’t scenario.

An ob hub/mixer type device would be very nice.

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I get the problem when slaving the DT from my Engine MIDI sequencer. The DT basically needs to change the pattern immediately upon recieving the Program Message, not wait until the current pattern finishes like its current behaviour.

Is there not yet a way to sync the units up via pattern number?

Even when you do this the DT seems to lag. Someone mentioned if patterns are the same length across machines it seems to work. It doesn’t do so in my case.

But with the DT as master the MNM stays in sync using the elektron sync protocol. This of course eliminates using song mode from the MNM at the moment.

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Why don’t people just buy octatracks if they need more features than the DT has? Seriously, I’m not trying to cause drama but literally anyone who is in a position to buy a DT is in a position to buy an OTmk1 at least, a used OT is currently the same price as a new DT which is ridiculous for how much more you get featurewise. If people buy the DT it’s not enough but an octatrack is too much. Choose what you want, buy what you need and if you don’t then you’ll never be satisfied. This is not aimed at anybody by the way, I just see a ton of threads moaning about DT lacking song mode