No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]


It’s 120 total points.

You’re thinking of the OT which uses 128 slices in a 0 to 127 MIDI spec.


Okay, I was going on the fact 0 is the first slice, 1 being the second etc.


You are right in a way… 0 is the first, but the end point goes to 120. making the start of the last “slice” 119.

You can set the start point to 120, but that’s only going to produce a sound (in reverse) when the end point is set at 119 or less.

It’s a strange implementation, indeed.


Ah got ya :+1:t3:


I’m really dussatisfies that we don’t get more open machines but more limited ones. It’s like going back in time . Ok more knobs … but why limiting software?


You can call this market driven evolution, I guess. They started with the DT and it sold like crazy in comparison to their other machines. One of the Elektron employees (I don’t remember who) posted here somewhere that they sold more DT units in its first year than OTs in its complete life span.

So in a sense “we” (the market) voted for simpler machines and Elektron followed. And when you try to push out a product each year there is not much time to work on features.


Ya never understood the impatients to quality equation. “We want it faster than it can be made, and better than you can make it”

I quit a job over that nonsense. Told my boss there are only 24hrs in a day. He responded, that is no excuse. WTF!? Hahaha…2 years later…they closed.
Bye bye.


I know the MS is aimed at newcomers, which is cool. but the MD & OT are seeming even more amazing by the minute

I really hope they release flagships with that depth again. :pray:


Squishy buttons for all boxes!
The M:S buttons are TITE.


…sample lox need xtra dedicated sample/sound pools to garantee the xtra quick access/adress this option requires…for all possible jam situations…

and hell yeah, this is a great option we’re missing here…BUT…it’s also that edge of all elektron os architecture where beginners always lost the plot while tryin’ to find out about it…

but this new swedish ulgy model aims for pure straight forward sonic fun…for everyone…less questions…more instant results…
so skipping the sample locks option in this case is only straight forward thinking in good will…

and hell no…six trax that do whatever u want under any circumstances, all in realtime, no matter what…
is all it needs…

and since we all dig workarounds…the super simple solution, that u can prepare easy tailored and full on custumized mini sample chains within one sample to feed one of those six trax, is a complete new game of sonic options out there…


I just wanted another OB box.


Totally. I know I got on board the Elektron workflow with the DT and soon felt the need to “upgrade” to an octatrack. But I was kind of shocked at how old school it felt in terms of memory constraints and convoluted architecture which clearly had been added after the fact and felt wedged into odd parts of the navigation system.

What I really want is for the same depth as the OT or MD but with the design clarity of the Digi series. The Model series seems retrograde to that end and signals they probably aren’t going back to flagship products with “menu depth stuff.” I guess l should just continue to learn the gear I have and not worry about the new stuff.


Indeed! I don’t think they can be paralleled. I think Elektron are aiming to be more FUN than FUNCTIONAL these days. Which they certainly have been successful thus far- starting with the Digis. The “problem” with Fun is that it loses its announcement luster.

That being said, the MD couldn’t sample lock either(so, the MS isn’t the only one that can’t lock samples(you didn’t say it, but someone else did))




I hope they will Change the design so i can get me a M:S one day. As is, the Feature Set is ok, but the White Case with These knobs and Buttons Looks very Bad designed to me. A no Go Design in my Humble opinion.



Bad development. Sample locks are an intuitive way to parameter lock different elements together and bypass having to sample slice without adequate visual editing.

I don’t know why it’s like this. The hypothesis that it was purposefully withheld to prevent cannibalizing sales from more expensive devices seems quite cynical, and I don’t want it to be true. However if this is true it seems self defeating. The feature removed from the MS are worth more than the cost of simply buying a digitakt. If anything, removing so many features encourages consumers to simply buy a second hand digitakt instead.


My dad always said: “If you buy the best you cry once.”


That’s true. But the problem for me is that there’s no best elektron device. They all have some useful functions that the other elektrons don’t have. That’s why i ordered a model:samples even though i own a digitakt.


120 “Slices” sounds a lot, but how large/big can the audio file be…in kb/mb and length?