No Sample Locks on Model:Samples : Discuss [implemented version 1.02]


Of course, sample chains are an option, but you wouldn’t lose the ability if samples could be locked. Considering the fact that chains have to be prepared, I find leaving out sample locks an odd design choice for a device that is targeted at people dipping their toes in the water.


I was just told by UserCare that sample locks wont be possible on MS.
Time to shelve that specific desire :smile:


How hard is it to make a chain sample? In many ways its a huge benefit as you can file the sample chains that work together more easier on your pc by genre etc. I dont think this sample lock thing is a problem. Only if your a bit OCD.


The good thing about the M:S is that uses 120 divisions for the samples. You could just load AR sample chains in to it. Not that easy to do on the decimal Digitakt machine. There’s some great AR chains shared here.


Exactly. Swings and roundabouts.


It will also be fun loading up 6 tracks with single cycle waveform chains. Il’l wait till the prices drop and pick one up purely for fun and experimentation :smiley:


Hey nephew! I never said it was hard, I said in this context it’s a mediocre boring and slow workflow when you’re working with short samples.

And by the way instead of adding to the list of sometimes ridiculous workarounds.
Here is a simple solution, just ask and or demand that Elektron adds that feature of sample locks.
End of story.

much love



Its not boring. And its not mediocre. But your tolerance maybe lower than mine :slight_smile:


No sample locks is a boring and mediocre intended limitation. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
For sample chains I recommend Octachainer, there is a Rytm / DT / MS mode (Evenly spaced grid mode).


Are you Terry Tibbs? :thinking:


I’ve looked into that software before but couldn’t figure out what the ideal settings are for usage on the Digitakt. Evenly spaced and an even number of samples for the chain?


As simple as it gets. No excuses not to.:slight_smile:


Yeah I think sample locks is a must-have on an Elektron sample device. Really it’s my one complaint about this device.


Obviously Elektron sees that differently :wink: Their idea of how many features are a must-have decreases from year to year and release to release.


Maybe if someone has never used an Elektron device it won’t matter. But having owned the DT and OT, I wouldn’t consider a device without sample locks. It just adds so much. But that’s maybe just me. Who knows.


Personal must-haves are, of course, a completely different type. Personally I wouldn’t even buy a DT due to its limitations (like mono sampling, no complete stereo input support, quite restricted filter, etc.pp.). I like my machines really deep and versatile.

The M:S is what it is. Elektron thought it can do well on the market with its feature set. Let’s see.


For me its like this;

Model:Samples = Fun to play
Digitakt = Being productive
Octatrack = Getting lost in a sea of possibilities and sometimes finishing a track

All three are useful at the right place and time. I don’t think Elektron minds if you own all three of them :grin:


What’re sample chains? Samples with multiple sounds so you can edit them with slicing and add them that way?

Can anyone give an example of a sample chain or maybe a video that shows it well?


As you already guessed it’s a sample containing multiple sounds in equally spaced slices. Since the M:S can only address 120 different values for sample start it is best to make a sample chain with 120 sounds in it. Sample start functions then as kind of slice number.


121 sounds I thought?