Ninja Tune Zen Delay (collab with ericasynths)

This looks like what fusionbox should have been from the start!

coming for xmas, price around 450€ IIRC EDIT: 499€ (first 300 preorders 449€)

Its looking like a fusionbox 2.0, now has a highpass filtermode and digital delay modes, most likely for extending delaytime and getting rid of the artefacty sound caused by insufficent amount of BBD chips the original had… But this one has a DIN MIDI input as well? Probably for syncing the delay?

I already GASsed hard for the original fusionbox, but the low BBD chip count made me hesitant to get one. I will be getting one of these for sure! :loopy:


This look pretty cool. Looks like the delay may be digital, but the drive would be analog, from the tube? Are the filters also analog? Seems like it would be so coming from Erica Synths, but I haven’t read a whole write up on it yet.

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fusionbox was an all-analog affair. Looking at the pics of this, there is a delay mode selector with labels like “digital” & “ping pong”, so I’m guessing at least some of the included delaymodes are digital. The drive section and the multimode filter is probably analog though, and it has a vacuum tube stage inside.

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I like it. Often I get excited about fx, and they end up being mono only. Always big points for stereo. I would probably look hard into a stereo hot dog configuration, if it promised to add some sizzle to my sounds.

And ninja tune collabing for extra cool points :slight_smile:

Did I read coldcut were involved in its creation?


Wow that’s sexy

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I’m not hearing anything remotely special here. I had the Fusionbox and sold it as it sounded like a sack of shit (saying that as an Erica fan and a lover of dirty delays). That was also said to be stereo but didn’t actually work at all - only mono.

Hard pass.


Oooh very nice, I’m looking forward to hear more of this!
Also great to have a drive stage along the filter.

Sold on the Bug demo, but that guy could probably make anything sound amazing so hopefully I’m not wildly over-expectant.

I placed the preorder, did anyone get charged for theirs? Or will the charge go through when it’s ready to ship? I don’t see it in my bank transactions.

Edit: Yeah, it’s there.


Looks like dub in a box right there.


Ninja Tune was founded by Matt Black and Jonathan More (the two halves of Coldcut) so it’s a fairly safe bet that they were involved. Looks like a beautiful piece of gear.


That and the Coil t-shirt too. Sounds like a nice dub delay for sure.

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Just saw video on youtube. Looks like this will be very nice

Another zen product


OK, this demo is crazy.


Finally got mine! Latvian postal system never sent out a bunch of packages, then it shipped pretty fast over the weekend.

Sounds great, the sort of performance dub delay I’ve always wanted.


I just bought one. I normally make do with units’ internal FX and my Eurorack modules as FX. After years without no external FX at all, I wouldn’t mind one compact, portable FX box, and this will be it because I’m hoping it will also feel enough like an instrument in its own right.


could you guys please post examples of clean vocals being running into the Zen Delay?

Not that they have to be clean going out, but that is what I would like to hear most as sources for this.


Cool! Can you hear any artifacts in the delay lines with longer delay times? That was what I always hated about the original ericasynth fusion pedal. Hoping this zen delay doesnt suffer from the same issue since it also has digital delay modes.

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