New TOOL Album Gets Release Date


It’s not the Digitone Keys, OS Updates, Superbooth, or Eurorack, but it IS the new Tool album receiving a release date for August 30th.

Who else has been waiting 13 years?


I waited so long I gave up expecting one, so it would have to be pretty terrible to disappoint me. That was my problem with 10,000 days, I expected so much after Lateralus that it felt like a disappointment, even though it was a really good album.


Tool fans have been regaling me with lizard people conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, and holistic CBD therapy emails since the last album.

Let’s hope it’s good and they’ll all shut the fuck up for a while.

(In the words of Sloan, “It’s not the band I hate / It’s their fans.”)


Is this legit?


Like fans of the Grateful Dead and Professional Wrestling (WWF/WWE), Tool have accumulated a fanbase who have only the most tentative grasp on the distinction between real and not real.

It’s a shame—the band rocks so hard—but I fear their bullshit metaphysics have done a bit more harm than good in many smaller urban centres.


Those words have been a motto for me for years! Shame no one ever gets the reference when I say them.


Yup, they are playing two new songs live (vids are on youtube) and projected the release date for the album at one of their shows


Super excited. I agree that there is the concern that the album isn’t good, after all that time. So far, I like what I’ve heard. Ironically, like Elektron releases, the hype train may lead to a lot of disappointed people no matter how good it is. It’s a train 13 years long, after all.




I remember taking to a fellow server at a place I was working at at the end of 2012 being like, “it’s a shame that Tool went out with 10,000 Days”

And she was like, “they’ll come out with another album”

I was only at that place for 3 weeks- I wonder if she remembers me/that conversation…

I digress!

New Tool album! Yay!

I doubt it will be good! Booo!


Can confirm. Their next album will be called Analog Tool mk2 and will just be new cover art for 10,000 Days.


worth mentioning that they wanted to release albums all this time but heavy multi-million dollar litigation prevented them from doing so (their insurance company sued them over copyright ‘technicalities’, they eventually won, they said it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to them). i have a love-hate relationship with Tool, but copyright law is hate-hate for sure (speaking as an IP lawyer)


I expect it to be amazing, just like their last 4 albums
I will see them play at Werchter, The cure will be there too
Looking forward


Me, juggling performance, using Tool Lateralus


I’m in a weird place about Tool, love a few songs, hate their pretentiousness and got so bored when I saw them live that i left but I absolutely love Maynard’s other project, Puscifer.


I really liked Lateralus back then. 100000 days wasn’t for me


Has anyone gone to any recent gigs? Saw them in Prague. F!#%ing incredible.

I’m not sure about the new tracks. But I think they don’t have them down live yet.


Waiting for the US tour to make its way near me. I’m finding that I like Invincible a little more at the moment, but both of the new songs are good. I hear that it’s an album made up of a few of these massive songs. I’m not sure how true that is, and I’m not sure how that will be when listening. At this stage, I’m just glad something is coming out.


Im thankful because it drove them to get on the road. Tick off my bucket list.


I saw them in '16 at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans and in 2017 at the Gorge is Washington state.

Hopefully they’re playing somewhere cool in the US to support their new album.