New to MnM - where to start?


I could not resist - and bought a MnM on Reverb.
Main reason: Curiosity (and honestly - I really HOPE I will like it … ).

What are your favorite machines? And for what purpose and context (other gear) do you use the device? Youtube is full with IDM stuff - but are some of you also using it for melodic stuff?

Looking forward to your answers and any tips.




Oh wow. Congratulations.
My first suggestion would be to spend a month or two only concentrating on the MnM. There is a lot of exploring to do. I think different people will enjoy different machines, and it’s much like the Octatrack, where you end up using it differently than other people. But, it’s much quicker to learn than the OT, depending on your experience with Elektron machines.
For pads, I love the Ens machine. Set one osc to 3, next 7, third at -3 for chords.
For acid like bass lines SID machine.
The rest is learn the gain staging, and how the filters work together. The one pole filter in the effects section is my favorite part of the MnM. Along with the regular filter, it’s just amazing for finding that sound in your head. LFO’s are quick and easy. Use them on everything.
SIN machine for 808 bass drums.
And for full on melodic, i would say go straight to Poly mode. Don’t wait till you’ve had the machine for 3 years like I did.
One more thing


Get a second job :joy:

REALLY read about how the FM machines work, I didn’t wrap my head around them for a year or two after I got mine. Also there’s some great stuff in the thread mentioned above about how the Amp envelopes work, that took a while to click for me.


Maybe not step one, but a contender for step 2 or 3.

Don’t be stingy with your tracks shy away from the FX tracks. The configuration of them is pretty spectacular they’ve got all the control of a regular track and can be configured to do some really special things.

Congrats btw!


Yes I agree the FX are fantastic. I had great fun when I got mine processing stuff through the inputs like this :

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Put it in a bank vault and let it appreciate :slight_smile:

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MnM was the last missing box in the collection.

Although - not being a pro - workflow will probably be no problem.

Anyone using the Arps heavily? Many Modes - but is there also the option of muting steps individually like on A4 or DN? I think, I am going to hook up to the MD - as a classic combo.

Yes, but the arp on the MnM is more similar to the OT’s arp. I don’t have mine in front of me right now, but most people enjoy the SID arp because it can stop and start. Very good for odd time signatures. I mostly use the Octatracks arp. It’s just way more powerful. But the MnM is fun and quirky. Much more fun than the DN or the Analog series as far as I’m concerned. Just start experimenting. The manual is to the point. You should pick it up quick.

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Yeah - of course! Manual is in the Box (and I personally NEED a manual as a hardcopy).

It’s more of getting teased of all the awesome features while the machine is still on it’s way to Germany. Every time I unbox an Elektron machine is a special and emotional moment - but this time it is even more extreme. I cannot wait to get my hands on it!




Seriously. Read the Monomachine Love thread. It has loads of tricks and tips. I think there is also a tricks and tips thread. These are the things I read when I get a new machine and I’m full of anticipation.

I’m not sure I’ve seen that one. Thank you.

Put the Dist to -4 to -8 to start, everything will sound better after that :wink:


also have a look at tracks routing, it makes the MM an even more versatile machine; congrats for the choice :smiley_cat:

yep, there is:

…or straight into this

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Me too. I leant my MnM to a friend, because I was out of town and I wanted him to experience it. But I love it dearly… and every time I go back and read those threads I remember stuff I forgot. The OT and the MnM are endless for me.

Lots of helpful Monomachine tips being shared and friendly producers on this discord server I’m an admin for!

Also I have two genre-specific (PC Music, SOPHIE-like) tutorials on my YouTube channel that have been getting some major love lately, so should you love that type of abrasive sound design maybe my videos will help!


Cosign what Human_Koala said.

Nah, best of both - it’ll still appreciate with slightly gnarly knobs/buttons/screen :wink:

OK - I am IN LOVE!
I knew that the unit does not provide Trig Conditions. Options for defining a note length would have been great - but hey: It is was it is - an awesome machine. I was surprised in a positive way , that workflow is soo similar to MD. Exploring all the options and machines will be endless .

Thanks Elektron!
Honestly - MNM // MD as MK II or reissue with updated sequencer capabilities would be the most powerful machines ever…