New to MnM - where to start?

congrats, enjoy and have fun with it

…definitely :smiley_cat:

Probably the most important day one tip.
Turn the Dist down, Vol up, then you can start playing around with high resonance or really boosting with the EQ.

Other things I’ve found useful:
#1 is to remember you can turn filter tracking off, it’s on by default.

#2 is try the wave packs for the digi machine on

#3 is negative Delay values will give you stereo effects

#4 is parameter slides only happen between plocked values, so if you want to slide from/to the default value, lock it.


Thanks a lot!

Especially #4 was new to my (should work also for p-locked pitches, I guess? - aka 303 slide?)

Note (sequencer) pitch isn’t considered a parameter on the Monomachine but you can p-lock the PORT (portamento time) parameter.


Just remembered the talk of ADSR time values being like:

4=1/16th note, 8=2/16th note, etc.

1 16th note also can be thought of as one trig long

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You don’t need to use slides or plocked portamento for this, you can just set portamento to whatever value you like and then make it so it only triggers on legato notes. Then in the sequencer, turn off the ENV and LFO triggers for the notes you want to slide to.

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DigiPro user waveforms are amazing!

Use BeatBox for crazy IDM drums…

Thanks! That’s good to know - so the time value mentioned above refers to sustain in the amp section?


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MnM does not use ADSR amp envelopes. It has a HOLD value which defines the length of time that the amp is held open, after the attack portion and before the decay portion. The HOLD value effectively determines how long the note is, well, held (how long it sounds for).

You can either use HOLD to control how long notes are or you can leave it on a high value and use note off trigs (FUNC+trig in grid recording mode, the trig will light yellow) to control when the end of the HOLD phase triggers. If you live record using a midi keyboard you will see the note off trigs being added automatically when you lift a key.


the link to the monomachine discord server I posted ended, but it’s starting to grow into a bit of a community! Almost 40+ people in it rn. To not spam this thread this will be the last time I post about, but I highly recommend ppl new to the instrument or just have an unabashed love for it think about joining!

I should have specified but I believe it refers to at least the HOLD parameter, but I want to say it applies to all parts of the envelope.

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You can function+trig will add a “note off” trig.

Try setting your decay and release times to 0 and hold to 127 place a trig then 7 steps later add a function+trig (orange led I think) the not will enter the release phase of the envelope on trig 7 :slight_smile: set your note lengths accordingly

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