New OTO sampler?

It’s going to be some kind of vintage dac old school sampler. 8 , 12 and 16 bit vibe fx box. Sounds really interesting from the info available so far.


oh wow that could be very nice

Oh nice theyve given more info.

New thread?

Yes , I’ve put some stuff on GS and a few others have chipped in from the Facebook updates . Plus the guy that runs OTO is very kind and has replied to email queries on what they are cooking up. No name as yet Or not that I know about . It’s going to be a pre order insta buy for me as I missed out on the biscuit before they hit silly money and this sounds great for giving modern samplers some old school tones


Original text from the OTO site forum below

Text from OTO below

Sorry for the long silence. OTO is still a small 2 people company, and we’ve been very busy with the release of BOUM, and increasing sales of our 3 products.
First, I have to say that we won’t release a reissue or a new version of Biscuit, I’m sorry to disappoint some of you. I prefer to spend my (precious) time to developp and create new products, and I have many ideas I want to test.
In 2018, among other things, I’ve spend a lot of time to listen and study 8, 12 and 16-bit audio and musical products released between 1976 and 1987.
These products were samplers (like the Fairlight CMI & IIx, Emulator II, Emax), drum machines (Emu SP12/1200, Linn LM-1, Oberheim DMX), or FX processors (delays, reverb, pitch-shifter from AMS, Lexicon, Publison, Eventide, Quantec, EMT, Korg, Roland, Ibanez, Bel).
I was lucky enough to try some of these machines in my lab, or going to studios equiped with them. When I had no possibility to listen to one of these, I built a prototype based on the original schematics (only the audio part).
I’ve studied the different 8 and 12-bit converters used in these products, and the techniques to improve the resolution of them (floating point conversion, uLawComDAC, analog companding, log + exponential amplifiers).
I cannot really tell you what the next OTO product will be (it’s too early for that), but I’m quite excited about it.
But I give you a small clue : this product could include a very close hardware and software emulation of Biscuit in it, among many other things…
The first prototype is planned for may, and if everything is OK we’ll start the industrial process in september.


Most recent update, November time ish , was pre production prototype was being built . A test machine had been built but needed shrinking in size. Possibly ready in the spring 2020.

These things obviously slip but sounds like it’s happening .


…o…k…o…i’m all ears…

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Agh, stop reminding me about it! I want too many things already :stuck_out_tongue:

(I own everything but the BOUM.)


I am looking forward to this one.

…really hope this is all happening 2021…

anytime earlier would make me seriously rethink all my live rig plans/concept for 2020 again…

so…please, oto developers, show some mercy…make it another must have, as u always did, but take ur time…

just rediscovered ur first babee these days…and since u guys never promise too much…
hell yeah, the bisquit is built like a tank, ur knobs are the finest i’ve ever twiddeld and nobody makes bad ass sonic destroying gadgets sounding so retro charming and great…and timeless…


Latest gos from GS comrades is September production , first look n listen in May.

There’s no way I’ll be getting it but imma sure as hell #followit

Can’t wait. I love my Oto Bim and just waiting for the Bam to get restocked.

I love processing audio through the 12-bit hardware on the Bim even when not using the delay. A unit entirely focused on that will be sweet music to my ears.

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When the threads got rightly spilt the title ain’t quite right . It won’t be a sampler more of a sampler inspired fx box. It’s funny how certain bits of gear grab hold of your imagination. I’m very excited about this. I think it will do in one box what I’ve been toying with building in Eurorack format for some time but with a much between old fav sound solution


Didn’t know the BIM could do 12 bit . Can you simply pass audio through that function?

The manual tells you about the four delay types, but under the FX type page there are additional options which (I believe) run your dry audio through the hardware circuitry (as opposed to having the circuitry bypassed when you do not have the delay activated). For example using the hardware audio signal boost for some nicely light distorted gain.

I also like to use the freeze mode to process drum hits, stabs and make synth drones. If you run audio in and then freeze the delay, then dial all the way to wet, you can process audio through the delay that way too. You can do really gritty time stretching and speeding up of drum hits, change the pitch of a synth drone etc. Bear in mind all is limited by the 3 seconds of delay time, but the Bim can be more than just a delay.

EDIT: Listening now maybe it just runs through the gain… recording a small bit with no gain and it sounds pretty much the same, but even with just a few steps of gain it has a bit of something nice to it. Anyway, sorry to derail the thread!

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Ah gotcha, that helps the wallet.

Sounds great though, being able to apply an SP1200 vibe to something not a Fairlight vibe to something else.

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Interesting stuff, thanks . Can’t believe I didn’t clock the BIM as a 12 bit machine, considering it’s clearly labeled as a 12 bit processor lol.

Does it do those metallic ping pongy type delays that give a bit of digital artefacts like an old sampler stretch effect ? I can get a similar type of sound in ableton using a bit reducer , delay and a bit of flange

I’ll clarify my post above with an edit tomorrow but I believe the delay chip is 12-bit digital and the rest is analogue.

So you probably can’t get the 12-bit sound outside of the delay, but you can run audio through analog gain and I believe the low and high pass filters are analogue.

I’m sure you probably could get that kind of sound out of it, I’ll try tomorrow. It has a cool lofi delay that is very artifacty, but haven’t done much ping pong.

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there are 6 effect types now - they add a reverse delay and thru mode (no delay but access to the other parameters like gain) - I just got one last week, still figuring it out, it’s a little feisty ha ha

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