New member of the Elektron family: OT new user Questions

Here’s a few


yea I go back to back with manuals, it’s a big part of the fun discovery time for me, I understand however if you want instant results it’s more hard work instead.

already mailed a retailer still selling new OTmk1’s for 1050€ now, getting very tempted but will wait until after superbooth for sure. I can go 2nd hand for 800 maybe but 200 extra for 36months warranty I will take on any day in this price range.

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Plus the pre sliced buffer issue. Plus issue with removing p locks in live record. Plus more parts change issues (with routing for example)…

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Yes, often because the user doesn’t want to put in the effort this machine is asking for.
And that’s ok. But not the OT’s fault. Some of us are really happy about the complexity and versatility.

I disagree, not much easier, maybe a bit. But way more limiting, that’s why the OT shines at sampling as well as sequencing.

You just want too much in too limited time. That’s not gonna work out, I can assure you :slight_smile:
If you are willing to learn this thing, chill down, take your time and start listening to the advices people give you here.
That’s my advice and opinion. Maybe just enjoy your A4 if you like it so far and learn the OT later, when you are a bit more confident with the Elektron workflow. Or send it back and get a DT instead, if you think it will suit your needs sufficiently.


right now manually sampling I think.

I set the parameters for the mixer, T1-T8, recorder settings, machine settings to FLEX machines and verify connection as green for the inputs and MIDI working.

Then I hold down the REC1 or REC2 key and track key like T1 depend on what area the audio is coming through. I ran a new test and it worked beautifully so there is hope as I was ready to send the darn thing back to Sweetwater for a refund yesterday. Then I release both and let the recorder finish while the synthesizer is in play mode on both the device and OT.

One stupid mistake I made the first time was not realizing that

a) the big fat red circle button is not for recording!
b) that the synthesizer must be playing to sample live!

I was able to record the Volca Beats and Nocoast today. Will spend more time later in the week as I have a crazy insane busy schedule today and tomorrow.

I still need to figure out how to play all tracks live simultaneously and also sequentially.

I did figure out how to save each sample and mangle it with adding slices and such in the Slice Gride editor which was actually fun. Then when I played back each sample I played around with LFO and FX settings which was cool to mangle the sample to sound completely different from the original.

Here in lies the beauty of this box: you can have a few basic samples and tweak them exponentially to come up with infinite new tracks. So I am getting there SLOWLY.


Learn one or two new things on the OT every day. Commit it to muscle memory by spaced repetition. No matter how simple or small it is take it seriously. It sounds like the Thread starter is trying to learn everything in one go.

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I slowed it down a bit and am reading the manual with fine tooth comb now. My only real complaint on the Elektron documentation for the OT is how confusing it mentions to see this on page 50 then leaps and says see this on page 90. It is really like putting a jigsaw puzzle together to learn the functions.

I do see long term potential though in collecting enough samples to use as an all in one live music workstation and leave the heavy synths at home. Guys in the local music group here do that all the time. They bring JUST the OT to a jam session. That sparked my interest in Elektron gear a year ago.

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Ive just bought the OT2. Im going very very slow. I havent even connected anything to it yet. I think that s the way to go. Just take one sample and learn to do as much with it as you can. Even make one track from just one sample i think is a great idea to learn from this beast.


that’s the spirit :wink:


my advice is you can do it is to lock yourself away from everything for a month with JUST the OT and your gear and the manuals :slight_smile:

yea the cool FX and wave forms and ability to create your own unique LFO on top of samples is unique and I have never seen that before in other gear.

My favorite sample for tests is Amen Break, especially for slices of course !


you’re the man. Should be the official OT demo


Mixed with your metronome version ! :wink:


This thread cracked me up, its like teaching your Nan how to use Microsoft Word.


Thats a bit lame. Word was created early 80s. Were you born or conceptualised then?

Late 80s buddy, still old enough to have known clippy!

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Sounds like you missed the boat then

Aye im not sure which boat though! I had the OT so i feel the pains, its difficult but amazing.

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