New member of the Elektron family: OT new user Questions


It’s not a big deal.
When you saved your sample you chose ASSIGN TO SELF, or maybe you used SAVE ALL RECORDINGS, which ASSIGN TO SELF is default.
Instead you can use ASSIGN to FREE FLEX (or STATIC if your sample is long).

In the slot list you can clear the slot with FN+PLAY, and go back to original R1 buffer.
Anyway if you record again, the previous recording will be replaced. That’s just a name “problem”.


one thing i don’t do is Save All Recordings …

another thing i don’t do is Save and Assign to Free Slot

nor do i Save a Copy

i just use Save and Assign to Self … then, it is easy to Solo the track and make sure it is actually a recording of what it was meant to be a recording of.

the other options are useful, but really it took me six years to figure out how to apply a simple Fade In and Fade Out in the Audio Editor so i like to keep things simple.

[i learned how to solo from O.M.'s very kool tip on how to Solo a track: Engage the Mix button, then doublekey press Cue and the corresponding Track Trig number - on the row of Trigs, *not* one of the eight T1, T2, etc.]

with the first Octatrack purchase, my approach was to not use the manual and just intuit how things worked. that didn’t work out so well as i did not learn how to sample. although did have a lot of fun sequencing imported content.


Such thread reminds me that it took me 6 months to actually find my workflow with OT…
And I got a PhD in Computer Science :smile:

Don’t blame the OT for what it isn’t, take the time to read every single word of the manual. Each cryptic word/sentence will make sense at some point.
Make sure to read Merlin’s guide on OT.
And take the time to look for info in this forum : it’s a few years old now, and there is a lot to read about OT.
But prepare yourself to actually learn this powerful instrument. Every OT owner has been through such learning phase.


Agree in fact today I was able to sample and edit from the A4 and 0-coast. Then I applied FX and edited the slices in the OT. Really fun!

I will go through the manuals step by step and been watching old videos by Cuckoo which has some tips even though very old.

I did get MIDI working with my Microkorg, Volca, and MD and sound coming through the in/out between these devices and the OT. However, the OT only is recording white noise even though I use same parameters that worked earlier for the A4 and 0-coast. Not sure what is causing this because I can see the green light signal strength and connection is working. So if I can get that fixed than I will be happy to have ability to sample all of my synths.

So for my first couple of days learning it, making slow progress. I am tempted to send it back and buy a way cheaper sampler like the Bastl sampler that costs only $200 and works with MIDI and modular gear and has a flash storage card like the OT.

If I cannot make good progress in the next couple weeks then I probably will send it back and get a simpler sampler/sequencer. I am keeping my A4 in either case so not a complete loss in the end result :slight_smile:


Ok that makes sense but what is confusing is what the Korg Volca manual says:

It says:

MIDI IN jack
This jack is where you can connect an external MIDI device to control the sound generator of the volca beats.

Use these jacks with the included cable to connect the volca beats to a monotribe or other compatible equipment, such as an analog sequencer, and synchronize them. The SYNC OUT jack sends a 5 V
pulse of 15 ms at the beginning of each step. If the SYNC IN jack is connected, the internal step clock will be ignored and the volca beats sequencer will proceed through its steps according to the pulses
that are input to this jack. You can use this jack to synchronize the volca beats´s steps with pulses that are being output from the audio output of a monotribe, another analog sequencer or a DAW.

Headphone jack
Connect your headphones (stereo mini-plug) here. If nothing is connected, the sound will be output from the internal speaker.

That must be why the sound comes out of the Volca speaker and nothing gets recorded but white noise?

I will try your suggestion before bed.

I did try same with Microkorg and MD and have same white noise issue getting recorded.


Whatever you do, just slow down a bit :wink:



What are you finding confusing about this? The SYNC IN/OUT jacks are used only to synchronise with other devices that use a sync pulse to advance their sequencers (e.g. other Volcas, pocket operators, etc). It won’t work with the OT, and it also won’t output the drum sounds that the Volca Beats generates. The headphone out is the only way to get the sound of Volca into the OT.

Yes. Not sure what you mean by white noise, but the SYNC OUT basically only outputs a steady clicking sound.

The Microgranny is cool and all, but it’s very limited compared to the OT. It doesn’t have a sequencer, for one. You’ll have to sequence it externally, and you won’t be able to do this from the A4 (except from the onboard keyboard, but that’s live playing only).
It doesn’t really work with modular gear, unless you have a way of converting CV/gate to MIDI (someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see any CV/gate input.

As others have said, slow down man! It’s not a race. Be prepared to spend weeks, months, even possibly years learning how to use these devices. You’ve picked some really complex gear, these machines aren’t something you can just turn on and use without getting to know them first. From your most recent OT video, I think you’re not quite getting some of the features of the audio editor (e.g. the zoom knob only actually zooms the display, it does nothing to the audio). Have a look at Cuckoo’s video on OT sampling again, he goes over it in great detail. It is exactly the same on mk1 as on mk2.


Thanks I recorded one nice track from the Volca but the others recorded white noise unfortunately. Used all same values that worked earlier. I have cable out from Volca headphone jack to OT input CD connection and verify signal. Weird! Ok time to rest and try again later.


From what you say, it seems you don’t have the dedication to master chapter by chapter the entire OT manual.
I am not judging you, just stating what I can see from your output here.

If immediate sampling is what you’re looking for while digging the Elektron sequencer, Digitakt might be the right machine for you. Be aware of the max sample memory though.


I am going to give it a bit more time before completely giving up. I figure if it does not meet my needs and workflow then I will send it back for a refund and buy a more basic easier to use sampler/sequencer that does not require a PhD in Nerd Sciences. Funny how the other Elektron gear except for the MD is way easier to learn. It seems like Elektron got it right with the Digitone and Digitakt in terms of better user interface design. Sampling and sequencing is way easier on those Elektron boxes than the overt complex OT.


then again it is also 1200 less expensive


I still find it very weird you can’t figure it out. I just read the mkii manual pg 44 - 49 very slowly and every word. I followed the steps on my mki as if I have never sampled before and I was able to sample just fine. And save the sample.
Page 44 gives you an overview and lists different ways to sample. Pages 45-46 tell you how to set up recording menu and pgs 47-48 explain how to record with trigs and what each type does/means. Page 103 gives you an example of how to record each way… Like yes it is confusing but im sorry you clearly haven’t read the manual once or I really don’t get how you don’t understand. There is not a single thing about my OT I haven’t been able to learn or figure out from reading the manual. Remembering what I learned is a different issue but seriously READ THE MANUAL.

I’m actually becoming convniced you are just trolling or something because I am amazed you haven’t been able to figure it out when all it takes is a manual.


I can get the OT to sample but half the time it only records empty noise even though my connections are working between the OT and Volca, Moog, and Microkorg. It records (plus sign shows up) and I checked monitoring levels on the mixer as well. No, not a troll just telling you my poor user experiences thus far with the product. There is a reason why these units get returned a lot.

On the other hand, my A4 is a pure joy to use and way easier to work with.
Complex sure but not as difficult to learn.


Are you using recorder trigs or manually sampling? Bottom of page 46 will explain the silence if you are using trigs to sample. If you are manually sampling you have to use button combo with rec 1 button for ab, rec 2 button for CD and rec 3 button for internal mix …


this thread just makes me want to get an OT and figure it all out myself…

Is this some psycho marketing stunt?


Thought exactly the same :smiley:


Honestly, I think people not reading the manual or watching videos or figuring things out for themselves gives the machine this allure that it’s so difficult and hard to learn . Then users spread that info and confuse potential buyers. Just like what was going on with the digitone bug report thread. Claiming bugs when it’s simple user error and lack of dedication or reading the manual.

I repeat and im sure others can back me up, there isn’t a single thing I’ve needed to learn about the OT I haven’t found in the manual. Commiting these findings to memory is the only hard part in my opionion


Well there are a lot of bugs, which puts the manual in error in places. Those are time consuming and frustrating to run into and figure out.

Sampling is exactly as the manual instructs however


So after 7-8 years there are still a LOT of bugs? Which ones? I’m really curious to hear more.