New member of the Elektron family: OT new user Questions


Just thought I’d revisit this, as I’m not sure if it has been pointed out yet… but what are your audio connections here? Where is the cable from SYNC OUT on the volca going, and what is going into the A/B inputs on the OT?

Your audio cable should be plugged into the headphone out of the volca, and into the A/B inputs of the OT to make/sample sound. Otherwise, if you’ve got SYNC OUT going into A/B, you’ll record sync pulses only.

Apologies if you fixed this after taking the photos, but it seems like something worth trying.


I watched part of the second video…
Dude, again I’m sending you love and your probably a great person, but I think the OT might drive you insane…:joy::joy: It’s a well known phenomenon, it actually happens to a lot of folks… Some people get one, can’t stand it and sell it, get one again and still can’t stand it, up to at least 3 or maybe 4 times of getting and letting go…
It’s a total love or hate type box…

You might wanna save yourself and send that sucker back asap… :joy: for your own good man, I’m just looking at the signs and sayin how it seems…

I fully support if you want to keep at it too, but your gonna have to fully support keeping at it as well if you decide to keep it!


You know there’s something up if even Unkle Mike gets frustrated


Please just go and follow Open Mike’s instructions to the letter. I sample daily using this method without issue.


Yeah, but if you read further I caved and started helping again… :rofl:


Don’t feel bad, I’ve owned the OT for two years and still don’t know how to record.


Phew, thought you had finally got the shits


Closed Mike :joy:


Every once in awhile some trippy person’s like: “Dude, you can’t just be open all the time, there’s like totally negative energies and evil spirits out there that will take advantage of you brah…”

I respond:
“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’m open to being closed off to certain energies if I need to…” :joy:


well at least the presets sound good on the OT if nothing else lol.

Gonna take a dinner break and see what happens next time later in the week before I send it back.

My focus is getting the CV stuff working on the A4 and nocoast with the little time I have left this weekend.

Thanks Mike


No problem man, really it’s all good…


I’ll blame it on Mercury retrograde if it makes us feel better! :joy:




Yeah, I used to party with the dark side from time to time, they do have some killer DJ’s. They kept trying to get me to join em, my sabers still green though! :joy:



yea it would be cool to sample star wars clips to the OT if I can get it to work eventually for me :slight_smile:


With all due respect, I think you should concentrate on trying to figure out one device at a time. Not many of us started by buying three complex machines at once and figuring them out in parallel—I sure didn’t!

I suggest you not jump straight into sampling with the OT, but instead take some time to get accustomed to the (admittedly weird and obscure) interface. Load some simple, short samples onto the CF card in USB disk mode, get familiar with the process of loading samples, assigning them to tracks, and creating sequences with them. Once you get a grasp on this, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get into sampling. From your latest video there seems to be some confusion about the differences between pressing the trig keys (1–16 along the bottom) in grid recording mode, as opposed to when record mode is disabled. If you load samples to the tracks (rather than trying to record them) it should be a bit easier to figure out this distinction.


I think that’s some good advice from @pselodux


gotcha man, I think for the time being, I will take a breather from OT madness to focus just on A4 and Nocoast. Then I can see if I can get OT working before I send it back for refund as last resort.


good news @Open_Mike!

I actually was able to record and save a few samples from my 0coast synth to my OT today. I then mangled the samples with the Slice Grid editor and tweaked it with some FX for good measure. This feature reminds me a lot of DAW in Ableton without the need for a computer. Here is my end result today:

Ok so now to take a break, and re-read the manuals and play around some more. After an initial frustrating morning, I feel a lot more optimistic about mastering it and not having to send it back for a refund. One quick question:

in the SRC-> machines menu for the recording buffers, I notice that my sample has replaced the default R1-RECORDING1 name with the sample name. Is there a way to fix this and get the original recording buffer back?

I am gonna read the manuals again carefully and play with menus on the OT as well as go back and connect my Volca Beats and try to record a new sample using the instructions that you provided.