New Aphex Video + Collapse EP


Looks like he’s listing equipment used for the album / track. Similar to the list that was created for the album Syro.


I like the way the sounds combine more than most of his more recent stuff. Compositionally I agree with you


Yeah, definite Tuss vibes. Which makes me happy :grinning:
Love lots of Syro and Analord, but for me, Rushup Edge is his best and most consistent release since Drukqs


I don’t know what happened between the silence and Syro but these records sound absolutely phenomenal.

But aside from a couple moments I dont think he’s been bringing anything really new to the table which he hadn’t already brought. Which is fine but its not the same. It almost feels he’s looking more backwards than forwards.

Dad IDM :wink:

Again, Im talking AFX standard. Which is anyway one of the highest imo.


I mean, that hiatus was really bad for Aphex Twin as ideas have been increasing exponentially in electronic music and it was just starting to ramp up in that particular decade. I don’t know if he CAN make an album that’s quite as significant as his earlier stuff in the modern context.

But I really, really want him to.


Mr. James has done more than enough good in this world to deserve to put his feet up.

But anyway its wonderful he’s still at it.


Rushup edge and syro eat RDJ album for breakfast imo :wink:


I tried to relisten to syro after that track. I’m not hearing it…


I find that sometimes I eat a sandwich for many lunches and then one day they are out of stock, I am forced to chose/eat another sandwich. Then many lunches later the original sandwich is available but I stick with my more recent choice as my taste has changed…

Or something like that :clown_face:


AHHH HAHAHAHAHA @Unifono got jokes :wink:

(Honestly I haven’t listened to Rushup but certainly will now.)




Underwhelmed , it’s fine but the video is probably unreal/3dsMax , Mangled in afterfx.

And based on the song titles people will rush to buy r8’s .
Definitely very talented bloke and very respected .


Try harder :slight_smile:
(to each their own of course)


“4” 4 Lyfe


…what’s talking more in math 'n code here…?..the music, or the pictures?

dunno…but…dig da bonkers…thecodesofree…

so, it’s confirmed…aphex twin can sound pretty oldschool, too…
but he’s more a meme than an artist these days, anyway…
and he defenitly does’nt give a shit…
appreciate this attitude big time…


Be sure to listen to it all including the bonus tracks.


Appreciating the Syro/Rushup vibe on the first listen, expected a step further in pushing electronic music to it´s boundaries - which is why i love him doing this some 15 years ago :smile:
He is such a individual, true character (as far i can recognise) this is also a statement “collapse”.
If you observe the video in detail, there is an outcoming of flesh driving and erupting systems…open to speculations what he (and the video artist) is imagining, Bought this ep (which is the 3 rd Aphex release own - syro is timeless)


Nice to have an artist that still sounds so different from everyone else- Gives me hope that there’s still lots of unique sounds out there to be discovered.


I dig it, but to be honest it’s a bit same-y to me. Yeah, it’s impeccable - I’m not arguing that. Few can touch it. But I feel like he’s gotta have a ton of stuff that shows off different sides of his personality. I’d really dig hearing more stuff like that Imperial Ring track from his Soundcloud dump. Maybe he needs to work up another moniker to release it under (this is all very on-brand for Aphex Twin though), but that’s the stuff that would loosen my poop.

edit: super weird, but the original link I posted linked to a different track. I have no clue how that would have changed.


I think this is some really neat stuff.