New Aphex Video + Collapse EP


… along with other nice gear like the ARP2500


(screenshot from the video)

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Do you have instruments with you at the hotel right now?
Yeah, I’ve got this brand spanking new Swedish digital-analog hybrid drum machine-sampler-synthesizer. It’s fucking good. Pretty much everything I do has to be somehow related to making music – when I came up to London to do press, I thought, “Oh, I can go on the train and make some music on the way up.” But then on the train, I didn’t have any power sockets to plug anything into, so that didn’t work out so good. I’m going to make sure that they have sockets in the one on the way back.”


Somebody hook him up with some sort of battery system for his RYTM.

RYTM stock has been up this week.


I thought I heard him using FM synthesis on that track and lo and behold I see TX81Z on your screenshot.


On my second listening through of the EP- it’s the best of his new stuff.


Ran through it twice in the car, liked it. Put it on a decent set of headphones when I got home, loved it.
Really nice programming, especially liked the little footwork section on track 4.


I love it!!


one of the tracks has 2xR8’s in the name…
i wonder if the prices will go up.
it’s basically a drum machine that can play at different pitches , which can be heard in the track.
i hope people dont rush out and buy them , it takes work / commitment / programming to get a good track out of any gear. i had one many years ago , pads were horrible . it has 'humanisation to it , which i think was basically micro timing … can be achieved in a few different ways.

i wonder if people thought he was using a zx81 to make his videos that theyd suddenly sell bucket loads.

the main thing that stands out to me is how he doesnt use the same old idea throughout an entire track for 6 minutes , , they can change quite drastically from beginning to end … with a few elements that continue throughout but new melodies may come in , get used briefly and then vanish …
lots of fm too.


It’s good. Sounds great and incredible drum programming. Heard some Jlin influence in there.

Tbh though I don’t ever need to hear a 303 again, I don’t care who’s programing it. Don’t at me. :upside_down_face:


ooh, just bought the tape/download over at bleep track 4 abundance10edit is my favorite… really solid EP over all I think. The last track gets really insane but supplies some relief just when you think you can stand the chaos any longer.


This ep is ace.
The section of abundance from ~2:45 is :raised_hands:


You are right. I gave it 10 more spins and my review reads as follows


Watching an old Aphex interview by john peel, in RDJs home town…at an old amphitheater…inspiration for the new ep art?


Cool Interview


Just read that. Thanks for sharing it!


Holy cow, he accidentally spoke to somebody, that hasn’t happened in a while. (I don’t blame him, it has to be a bit of a drag to do interviews about your art)


he also gave an interview for the german musikexpress recently


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