New Aphex Video + Collapse EP


RYTM in the new Aphex Twin track

Fucking bonkers and totally wicked. That’s one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen and will definitely blow your socks off if you were under the influence of a certain substance or three. Mad

All hail Aphex!




Mind blowing video. And my favourite track since Xmas evet10


So would the air conditioner


Anyone notice “rtym” in the walls of text at the start.



This is for real if you are sensitive to photosensitive seizures.


Great video. Ok Aphex track (which is saying it’s better than so much else).

It’s probably best it didn’t premier on Adult Swim: a mass of stoned 16-24 year old walking around in a stupor after.

Anyway care to guess what knobs those were at one point? Looked like maybe SSL knobs to me…


I agree. Track is great, video is next level.

Would absolutely love to know if he uses the elektron sequencer for programming the RYTM or the cirklon


Daniel Troberg’s IG story confirms it’s a rytm in the vid


Awesome, but unfortunately I can’t watch the whole video because of mild epilepsy symptoms.


Great track and video, will cop this for sure.

Sounds a bit like analord and syro which is the aesthetic where Richard really shines IMHO.


i know i’m going to get flack for my opinion on here, but… IMO this is a very mediocre track by aphex standards… kinda underwhelmed :-/


I feel you.




Great video, has elements that remind me of FSOL in their outstanding Lifeforms era, can’t really criticise the music as I went off WARP many years ago, not doing it for me…

At least Richard is still here, cannot help but love him, no matter his output :kissing_heart:


Nah, I think Aphex has such a broad range that inevitably not everyone is going to like everything he does, I quite like this style but some of his more harder stuff doesn’t connect with me, whereas others love that stuff. ‘Orses for courses innit :wink:


Agree. Analord, syro and The tuss share similar vibes. This has the same spirit. Beginning and end feature those childlike innocent melodies from him I love so much and the middle part gives me goosebumps. Pure tension. Awesome mood. Great synth effects and awesome drum programming. I really love it.
Parts of this track were featured in a liveset, I think primavera. It was already a fan favorite on youtube


Yay! This sounds like he’s back from his, imo, Syro slump!