NEW! - Alternate panel for the MD

NEW! Machinedrum MKII alternate panel is here.

I’ll have more info soon. A small design adjustment means they will ship in a week. A small batch of MKI will be available too. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

For the MnM panel, head over there: NEW! - Alternate panel for the MnM


AUDIO Parasites Just released the black faceplate for the MD next to the MnM

Def. worth to check out their Facebook!
Btw. anyone in Germany (Maybe even Hamburg) wants to make a group Order to save shipping?

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Do you know where are they based ?

Should be in Sydney/Australia

Thx…Shipping to EU will be…Interesting… :thinking:

Ordered a megacommand from AUS in spring/last lockdown and delivery took only about 8 days from door to door, but i guess that was more or less a lucky coincidence

Hey, I have ordered one MD Panel per mail to south Germany. We could arrange smth.

How do you order, there is no hint on their fb ? thx.

audio parasites gmail com

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It is also possible to contact @funqpatrol!


thx !

Yes the MD panel have just landed, waiting to get it to do a fitted photo shoot and release the details. very soon

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Shame about the font on these, I do like the black but not a fan of the design personally, prefer something a bit more minimalist

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I love the font! Reminds me of Omni Magazine fro the 70’s. I have used the same font for a bunch of flyers. But, I’m sure it’s just subjective.


Fair enough, can’t please everyone! :slight_smile:

Really love it. Nice face. Don’t change !

Eventualy produce others, if you want.

And if I would go for minimalist, I would hardly paint it black with no inscription. Just black as coal. Just as a black home made metal box


Just received mine from halfway across the world and thought I’d give @funqpatrol a shoutout. The MD faceplate looks great. I wasn’t expecting the silver touches, but it was a nice surprise.


Do you sell blanks?

What do you mean?

Blank panels. No paint or labeling.