Need advice -- what would you do?

So, really first world problem kind of thing, but I need to know if I’m overreacting and/or what I should do. I have tendencies that can cloud my judgement and give knee jerk reactions, so looking to see what others would do.

Long story short (original post) I decided to buy a Pioneer Toraiz Squid. I found a seller on Reverb that was selling them for $449 (well below $599 normal pricing). I have a documented thread where I asked them if it was a used/refurb/demo model and they ensured me that it wasn’t, but rather some sort of promotional thing and that I’d be receiving a brand new unit – literal quote, “We will be shipping a brand new unit for sure”. I decided to take a chance and proceed, but like I thought, I received a refurb unit. :disappointed:

It looks like it was direct from Pioneer DJ, shipped in one of their original (outer) boxes and packaged quite well (wrapped in expanding foam stuff holding it in place). It’s clear that it wasn’t an individual that returned and the seller shipped out again, but something they got from Pioneer (or someone that did). It looks to be in ‘like new’ condition… no scratches, marks, etc… all the pots feel good and initially seem to work. Had it come out of a brand new box I wouldn’t think any differently. That said, there was no original product box, no manual, no USB cable and paperwork clearly stating that it’s a refurb with only a 90 day warranty vs. 1 year.

The lack of USB cable is no big deal (have a ton of them) and I can download the PDF manual. I’m definitely irked about the warranty, but otherwise it looks brand new. I guess the nagging feeling (aside from the selling lying) is that I don’t know why it was refurbed in the first place? I always keep the original boxes and materials as these really seem to help resale value later on.

What I’m having a problem with is what are those things worth? Should I take the $150 off and know that Pioneer checked it all out and approved it w/ limited warranty? I mean, that should be a lot better than buying a random 2nd hand unit. Assuming it all seems to work should I keep it? Or should I return it and buy a new one for more? Are those things really worth $150? I dunno… and that’s why I’m asking for opinion. My initial reaction is to return it and spend more money, but I’m questioning (seller issues aside) if that’s the right call given it’s an ‘official’ refurb and not some random return item.

What would you do?

Me, personally, I might consider a refurb at 25% off from the manufacturer themselves, or a used unit in good shape. But someone who lies about “brand new”? That is a deal breaker for me. Just tell me the truth and let me decide.


Having worked as an electronics technician in the past makes me appreciate manufacturer refurbs over new items.

When things are manufactured they aren’t looked over closely. Refurbs get special care with an experienced individual, fixing the problem and looking it over with much more care.

Ultimately it’s up to you but I think it’s simply a good deal. The box is only good for reselling and takes up space to store.


Yeah, I don’t want to reward the seller with a sale (assuming they knew that they misrepresented it), but I don’t want to be irrational either. It’s not a life changing amount of money, so I’m not trying to be dramatic about it. The seller agreed to take it back, so no problems there.

It’s really just a decision around principle and my judgement around the money. I’ve made a lot of quick decisions in the past that I’m trying to not repeat. Either way, it’s going to be fine, but I’m trying to improve how I think things through.


I would start a support conversation with and the seller. In my experience, Reverb have always gone above and beyond to ensure that any issue is resolved to the satisfaction of all involved, but the buyer most of all.


Well, the seller offered a brand new unit at price they set, so i’d either be returning it, seeking an additional discount that’s appropriate to a refurb item, or having the seller replace it with a genuine brand new.

Intended or not it was misrepresented and I’d personally want the warranty of a new item, if for no other reason than it would probably be months before I had time to play with it. I think you’d always feel a bit sour about it if you just kept it as is.


IMO @Scot_Solida and @Stone262 give good advice.

It’s not okay to lie, and you should not accept it quietly, but the unit could be in best conditions … technically. So it’s up to you.

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