Need Advice On Analog 4 MK2, DSI rev2 or Other option?

I come from the old Roland groovebox days and iw anted to get back into groovebox production

Other than the analog 4 and maybe say the rythm mk2 are there any other options where full songs can be made?

Additionally if i added a digitakt or a digitone to the analog 4 could the analog 4 trigger patterns on the digitakt via its song mode?

I’d say that every Elektron box is very capable of making full tracks. Guess it depends on your definition of full :slight_smile:

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Everyone will say OCTATRACK, and they’re not totally wrong, however, you’ll be working with all samples with only 2 octaves of pitch shifting. If you get an A4, you can sync the DT to it.

If you’re more into synthesis, perhaps consider the A4 and Digitone or A4 and Rytm combonations (the Rytm can do some basic sample stuff). Or the DN and OT. I basically use my OT as a drum sampler at this point as I don’t personally like how it handles loops most of the time.

Rytm is the best damn groovebox I’ve ever used.



syncing the digitone to the a4? does that mean that say i have a song on the a4 can the DT be triggred by THAT song mode or no?

Im trying to understand the sync process of having a A4 synced to a digitakt or a digitone which has no song mode?


From your experience with he Rytm could you say you can make full songs on it baring the limitations in poly and tracks?

also are you talking rytm 1 or rtym mk2?

More simpler alternatives, which also cost much less:

Korg Electribe mk2 or Novation Circuit. Also consider something like an iPad with Korg Gadget. Or something like Native Instruments Maschine vs. Akai Force.

Yeah definitely.

You can get really creative with scenes/perf etc, and with the addition of conditional trigs you have an almost endlessly evolving sound.

I use a daw, and with ob I can just stream it all in and edit to perfection.

I used to use the Roland grooveboxes back in the day - Mc 303, 307,909 and the sp 808,303 were all part of my arsenal and the Rytm is more fun than they ever were - including djing with the 307.

I have the Rytm mk1.

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wow thats awesome

had the 307 as well and missssss it

was the most creative tool i had

Haha yeah it was awesome wasn’t it!

The a4 is good as a groovebox, however it takes a bit more work as it’s really 4xmono synths in one box. That being said I was using it as my main drum machine for a while.

Its great for drums and leads. It’s OK for bass, although this is disputed with some regularity.

Digitakt might be worth a look as well. Being a sampler it can be anything you want.

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I cut my teeth on an MC-505 and loved the thing. My current “main brain” is Rytm MK2…but I like a lot of melodic content so I also have a Korg Radias being sequenced by an old Yamaha RS7000.

2 suggestions:
If your primary joy is composing and performing melodic content, go with Analog Four MK2 (sounds very rich and full, better than MK1) and then follow it up with one of the many many drum machines our there.
If your primary joy is composing and performing rhythmic content, go for Rytm MK2 and complement it with a cheaper melodic groovebox like an Electribe (EMX or Electribe 2 [non-sampler] version)

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So if you have it setup properly, when the A4 (in song mode) plays pattern A1 then A2, the DN should follow that.

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I am really torn.

Both can allow for sequencing albeit the nudge going to the A4.

But as far as sound? Ability to sculpt new sounds?

What is everyone opinion?

4 voices VS 8 voices doesnt always matter

Do you have other Elektron devices that cover that sequencing ground? If so, Rev2. Will you want to play keys? If so Rev2. Do you want deeper analog synthesis and huge polyphony? Rev2. If you don’t have another Elektron, and the last few items aren’t at the top of your list, then A4. For me at least, these two aren’t mutually exclusive. One wouldn’t replace the other for me. (I’ve owned both.) The Rev2 is an absolute monster. It’s probably my favorite current generation analog synth full stop. If you’re looking for what it does, there’s not much that’s better (if anything really). The interface is absolute bliss. However, its sequencing, while easy, (and in the case of the gate sequencer) quite flexible, it’s still not on par with Elektron sequencing. It’s actually surprisingly close in some ways, (select step, tweak control, etc.) but definitely not the same feel. Also, if you want to control maybe some monos, or modular gear, the A4 is absolutely perfect for that. It really depends heavily on what you want to do, and what you need. In a perfect world, I would say get both. They’d actually complement each other more than compete.

I love the Rev2 with the Digitone. That pair is amazing. In fact, if you don’t need keys, a Digitone and a Rev2 desktop would keep you busy for decades.



What a wonderful reply i sincerely thank you.

My goal is to use either the rev 2 or the analog 4 mk2 WITH a mpc live.

Knowing this I also love the idea of having a elektron groovebox as ive used roland grooveboxes in the past.

But with the mpc live being a seq/groovebox it almost seems redundant.

But i love the form factor of the a4. And id love to be able to pull off quick sketches for sngs i could just sample into the mpc live.

Id def do the same with the rev 2 as you even said the seq on it is pretty decent as ive seen to be via youtube vids but im torn between them

but i do like your suggestion of the digitone and rev 2 together

If you are rocking the MPC Live, I’d say get the Rev2 first. I love my A4, but I think you’ll get more use right now out of having keys and more polyphony.


I’m assuming DSI REV2 desktop module as you haven’t mentioned anything about keys.

I have an AK & Rev2 key 16 voice. It really depends what you’re looking for. If sound quality is most important, Rev2 wipes the floor with the AK/A4/A4ii. Tried to port my favorite patch over to the AK in hopes of selling the Rev2 … :man_facepalming:

Sound quality isn’t necessarily the same as sound sculpting. Elektron p-locks+sequencer can take sounds wonderful places. Combined with sequencable FX, it’s somethign else. It’s really true, Elektron gear’s about the integration of sequencer & sounds … if you just need a sound module, the Rev2.

The AK sequencer is wonderful & I love how I can build layers on different tracks & still play over the top with any leftover voices I have. I LOATHE the Rev2 sequencer, easily my least favorite of any I’ve ever laid hands on. Painful to get a simple melody in & mine is a bit buggy. I don’t use it much for parameters — that’s kinda cool but with 3 envelopes, 4 LFOs & a crazy mod matrix, I haven’t needed to go that deep yet.

In the context of my current studio, I’d keep the Rev2 over the AK. It’s my main controller, lovely to play, & while not the sexiest sound, really solid in context of tracks. If I was forced to sell all my gear & go minimal, it’d be the AK+Monomachine.

If I could only have one piece of gear, it would be the MNM, even over my beloved Juno 106. You can complete whole tracks on just that box, not even counting.

Sorry to be so self-promoting on my 1st post but you can see/hear all this gear in action on my Instagram Jamuary2019 posts (@mkdvb1). Lots of MNM as I basically learned to use (& love) it during the month but there’s a fair bit of Rev2 all over & a couple AK jams. The A4/AK/A4ii sequencer will be better than the MNM one with the (HUGE) caveat that it can’t sequence external MIDI.

Hope that helps.


I hate the Rev2 sequencer with a passion. Mind, I’m relatively new to sequencers in general so my exposure is limited but I find the interface painful to sequence what 6 tracks & however many steps using only 2 buttons & a few knobs. No live record on a “player’s” synth … doesn’t make any sense to me.

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MNM? what this an abrv for?


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