Need Advice On Analog 4 MK2, DSI rev2 or Other option?

A live player probably wouldn’t sequence that way. I don’t use it much. I use the gated mode to do some automation of modulation, but that’s about it. Using an Elektron box with MIDI tracks would be nice if sequencing is what you want to do. Just sitting and playing on the Rev2 is rewarding enough, but sequencing it from an outside source or DAW is probably the best way to work with it in a sequenced manner IMO. Or, if you have a lot of boxes with sequencers, limit the Rev2’s sequencing to arps, or simple sequences that are brought in and out of the track. (or maybe playing improvised parts over top)

Elektron sequencing 1000% better than DSI.
Rev2 sound 1000% better than Elektron.
(But your mpc can drive the Rev2)
AnalogFour 4part (mono) multitimbral.
Rev2 2part(poly) multitimbral.

Already owning the Rev2 (and ‘08 before that) I got the AnalogFour and AnalogKeys because they “didn’t” sound like a Prophet.


Yeah, I definitely never use the rev2 sequencer as a compositional tool so the only context I need it for is as a looper when I’m working out ideas. I usually wind up just playing it into the Deluge as it’s faster than the rev2 interface.

The DSI Pro 2 sequencer is a zillion times better so it’s not like they don’t know how to do it but that synth has a different focus. If onky the Pro 2 had 4 true voices

Do you have other Elektron boxes? I feel like thr Rytm’s seq is weaker than the Monomachine but that was after a solid month of making jams & beats on the MNM. Mostly, i really miss the arp, which actually makes drum programming fun for me. That & discovering the weird Rytm signal path where I guess inputs are only good for compression? Thinking about selling the Rytm now.

Let me chime in…

I had the Digitone… Then I got the A4… Then I got the Digitakt. I returned the A4…

It’s just too much in my opinion. The Digi boxes are perfect on their own. There hits a point with Elektron boxes where enough is enough. It becomes too convoluted, and not musical enough. It becomes mechanical, which in my opinion, is the opposite purpose of Elektron boxes. Now, if you’re looking for an all in one box that can do it all, yes I support the A4 or Digitone, even Octatrack or Digitakt if you have adequate samples. However, I suggest thinking wisely before adding too many boxes at once before really mastering and diving into whichever first box you choose. Not only is this a hindrance on your wallet but it can really dampen your creativity.

I am about to get a Novation Peak to add to my Digitone, Digitakt, and Sub Phatty, after much deliberation between many synths, the Rev2 included, as well as the Ambika. I feel I am close to my end game setup, and if I can’t make it in music with that then it will remain a hobby. But someday I’d like to expand further into Moog, modular, and DSI instruments… I am a guitar player by the way, so the automation of 3 Elektron boxes was too much for me live, due to pattern mutes, global mutes, manual noodling, etc… The Digi boxes, full songs can easily be made, however you have to manually switch patterns or pattern chain every time and know your songs in and out. The A4 has a song mode which is nice but not as in depth as the OT’s, and might as well just be done manually. Rytm is great, MKII can sample and sounds very nice doing it. It is an analog drum machine at its heart, so if you want to sound design your drums mainly and sample, go for that. So, for a single box, I recommend the Digitone, A4, OT, Rytm or DT, definitely not more than one at first. If you reaaally wanted to, Digitone and Digitakt, or Digitone and Octatrack.

If you want to create full songs and sound design : A4, Rytm (can also sample) or Digitone.

If you want to create full songs and sample sounds: OT or Digitakt.

If you want a poly synth to play and overdub many times into a DAW: Novation Peak or Rev2.

Start with one and add as you feel necessary. Please let me know if you have further questions!

Hey PJ, good luck with your quest!

I am blown away by rytm mkii ability to create what I think are pretty full songs, but I come from a more guitar oriented alt pop/rock style where I’d use a soft synth or two and call it good.

I also have a rev2 and I agree the poly sequencer is not useful for me from a song perspective (the gated sequencer however is entirely awesome for creating crazy grooves).


Yeah mate. Currently on a4, rytm, and OT.

Up till last week had the DN and DT.

Horses for courses. I don’t use the Rytm inputs, so can’t comment on that.

The combo of a4 and Rytm is fantastic and almost makes it like one self contained box of tricks!

If I need an Arp I can go with ot or from the daw.

Ultimately its personal choice and if something doesn’t gel move on to the next thing.

what do you think of a rev2 and moog 37 combo?

I want a programmable synth like a digitone or analog 4

however how is a moog sub 37 compared to a analog 4?

if ive decided ona rev2 already?

Learn the basics of synthesis first.

The Moog has a fat oscillator and is only paraphonic. Its single voice will sound better than any A4 voice IMO… it’s very deep for being monophonic. The A4 is a four voice synth. Four mono synths or four voice polyphony.

If you’ve decided on Rev2 that’s up to you, only you can decide.

I didn’t word that quite right … was hoping you’d give me some tips or tricks how you were using it so I won’t sell it!

…it was the a4 mk1 where i realised for the first time how much the elektron sequencer for itself alone is an instrument of it’s own…no matter which sound concept it’s attached to…

and the truu analog sonic quality of the a4 in general and comparison just blew me away…

this 4 voices can be become pretty much everything…the osc2 open feedback layout is unique and opens up to soundworlds i never heard before…and with this sequencer underneath that clever sound architecture layout, those 4 voices can sound like a hundred at once…

the rev2 is way more oldschool wall of sound classic beauty to my ears…
and therefor way too much last century for me…

i wanna discover new sonic terretory within all this oldschool analog creamy charme…
and that’s exactly what i got from the a4…

not to mention the delay…which is a whispering while singing filter beauty…and this cream dream of a reverb…well…
has the sonic quality of a high class standalone unit…

and via the input they can spent their charme to any external signal…so does osc2…

and for every kit of sounds u can customize a performance page, where the encoders can directly relate to any parameter interaction combinations…a4’s pendant to ot’s slider/scenes concept…
so to say…

but no midi sequencing…instead cv trigs of any kind…

i don’t need 16 truu analog voices…no matter what chordprogressions i’m working on…
i just need 4…


if you had to choose between a digiton and analog 4 what would you do?

the thing is what makes a bwtter fit?

rev2 + Moog sub37?
Rev2 + Digitone?
Rev2 + Analog 4?
Rev2 + something else?

What DAW do you use?

What gear do you have? (Including front end like audio interfaces, preamps, etc.)

What is your goal and genre of music you like to make?

have rev 2 and mpc live

i use reason 10

have a soundcraft mk12

the goal is soundtrack music

so that means a wide range of genres

What is missing from your music when you’re using this gear?

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If you want to make soundtracks I highly suggest something extremely versatile, like the Access Virus, Novation Peak or Pro 2, if you want intense ambience or heart thumping sounds like Hans Ximmer.

Or you could start with Xfer Serum plugin and just use your Rev2 keyboard. Try it out. Free for 3 days on Splice then $10 a month.

Besides that advice I don’t think you need anything else. Your DAW is very capable and you already have an analog synth.

thank you for the advice.

so a pro 2 is better thana moog 37/

My last bit of advice I can give you: there’s no such thing as “better” in this industry. That word really shouldn’t exist here.

Sound is subjective. There are people on YouTube with millions of views from playing rhythmic drums on upside down buckets that cost around $10. A $2,000 synth won’t magically make your music come together.