Need a Cure for Part Reload


Has anyone come up with a cover or something for the Cue button that keeps you from hitting part reload by mistake?

Honestly, I only ever use it if I want to completely destroy my groove and seldom use the cue out either. I’m ready to desolder it from the board.


I totally agree! I don’t understand this, is there something I’m missing? Why on earth is a “destroy all you did” button placed so easily accessible.
Nah. I’ll just redo everything, and try to save the parts all the time


Workaround if you don’t use Reload part : don’t save parts at all. I barely save them, only if I want a quick Reload for live purpose, but never had a problem not saving them.

Some people seem paranoid with part saving, but all parts parameters are stored with the bank, so saving project is enough.


Well that’s just the point. I seldom make use of parts, and when I this morning got into a nice flow I just forgot to save, untill I by mistake reloaded a part. This was a bank I cleared in a live project so it might have contained a saved state for the part. But do you mean that If I would use a completely clean bank&pattern reload part would do nothing if no prior save?


Get a mk2? They have spaced the buttons slightly further apart.


You get “Save Part First” message, that all.


That was new! Thank you! I’ll give it a try then!


Quite a sales argument :slight_smile:


Ok. Won’t work on cleared parts. So one is forced to save a part to be on the Shure side. (I’m still in my live project on a cleared out pattern) Part reload defaults to samples 1-8 in the pool. Maybe dig out the files from the CF card and thrash them would clear the parts for real?


sounds like a good idea. lets us know if it works out - would be a good way to protect those projects where you WERE saving & loading parts, but now want to protect it


Yeah oddly it reloads the cleared state. I tryed copy / paste parts without success. Bank reload worked, but because my project was saved before I save a part.
If a part has a saved state, it is named PART 1 instead of ONE. Edit : not for TWO…:sketchy:

Only workaround I found, delete the bank with File manager. Error message but it creates a new clean bank. You’d have to copy / paste parts / patterns in another bank previously if you want to keep settings. Not very practical.

Edit : Other method, copy patterns and parts in a blank bank, eventually rename it in order to have it with a logical order / number. Parts should keep unsaved state after copy.

Same behavior with a new project.

@rusty, definitely a job for OctaEdit ?


Easy peasy, lemon squeezey. Welcome to the Library.


Other idea, if you don’t use all parts :
Use part 1 without saving and part 3 as backup, with copy paste. Save part 3 if you want.
Same for part 2 and 4.


I have to double-like this! :black_heart:


That’s what I find myself doing a lot of the time. Works pretty well. I rarely use more than 1 or 2 parts per bank anyhow.


Well Shure. Parts are weary usefull indeed. The issue here was just that it’s a mess if you reload a part by mistake before you saved any. :slight_smile:


I suggest to put a sticker on the Cue button with a large X on it. Bright color, maybe yellow.
Should help to reach the correct muscle memory :wink: