Nanoloop mono


Yeah, and the chip scene is genuinely one of the most inclusive, friendly “scenes” I’ve ever been part of. Absolutely no hate, or politics, or gossip. Also it’s huge, international, and everyone is friends with everyone.


Not to mention inventive. As you know, the limitations faced when making music with a gameboy and succeeding somehow make all the audio bores worrying about sample rates, and so on look like a bunch of people looking for excuses, rather than looking to make some music.


Yes shoot me a dm. I have a few to choose from. Also you could find me on ig officialtarikh


Whatever floats your boat i understand. The fact i dont get it maybe a sign im coming from an age that precursed this chip tune thing and by many years. Im sure a lot of effort and talent goes into creating tracks within such limitations. The Gameboy was very popular for young kids. (And grannys).I would imagine the next wave came along and took in another direction. Fair play to them. But i still feel its a crap sound. Sorry, i just cant bypass this feeling. But going back to my first line. Yes,whatever boats you have i hope they keep floating. :slight_smile:

Edit. I did have a Palm Tungsten which i used a lot. It probably had a similar sound chip?


I bet there are some nanoloop2 tracks that you wouldn’t be able to tell apart from tracks made with say, a Digitone, apart from the effects…