Nanoloop mono


I’ve done a lot of nl mono jams but haven’t released anything yet I’ll post links here for those interested in more sound examples. (Not 100% nl mono , might have some nl 2 and electribe er1 ringmod and drums)


“A dedicated nanoloop device with FM synth and LED dot matrix / segment display.”


Also everyone buy the new nanoloop device it’s going to own!


Nice I dig it… my recent album has bits of nanoloop mono and nanoloop one through out it.

is fully nanoloop mono with some FX from the A4 just really a little interlude bumper song and then

is all nanoloop one with some A4 FX and then an outro sound from a yamaha tg55
I think I like Nanoloop Mono most still but the way you can draw in wave types on the Nanoloop One really lets you make really nice crackly breaking apart type sounds. Both are great tools… can’t wait for this new machine!


Nice stuff here m8! Next you need to try out nanoloop 2 with your elektron gear is my main jam! I mean it’s one of the most powerful FM sequencers out there! :wink: I wrote an album on nanoloop 2 synced to rytm analog drums if your interested.


Nice! Thank you for the hint. Would be perfect for on the road. Hopefully it can be synced via MIDI (not USB).


The most common sync for nanoloop hardware/cartridges is MIDI/CV… usb-link cable adaper is used for updates and midi sync to ableton or any DAW. :slight_smile:


I can 100% guarantee as a long time nanoloop user that this will be midi /cv and usb sync. Oliver wouldn’t just have one way to sync. The future is now !


Sounds excellent, would be great to sync it with the :elot:


It sounds great synced to the OT and resampled into the OT! Try it out yo! It’s the future !


Can someone explain to me the excitement of Super Mario sounds. I get the Zelda Ocarina of Time catchy tune. But the Mario music meh!


There’s a nice person on YouTube who makes music theory videos about video game music. But that’s a different topic. This thread is about the Nanoloop mono, which uses older Game Boy hardware as a tone generator to make your own sounds, much like the SIDstation used the SID chip from the Commodore 64 to make your own sounds.


Yes i had a Commodore 64. Solidly built and some games were better than the ZXSpectrums line. But i wasnt wowed then. Just dont get it.


Part of getting older (or at least wiser) is realizing there’s a vast world out there that remains unconcerned if I ever ‘get’ or am ‘wowed’ by things. Rather than being frustrated by this, it’s been liberating to understand that my opinions, such as they are, really don’t matter very much to anyone. This frees up my creative energy to appreciate the things that I do happen to like.


Hey @Tdot wanna trade one of your Gameboys for some hardware +/- cash?
I have:

dbx166XL compressor/limiter/gate
PreSonus ACP-88 8 channel comp/limiter/gate w/ sidechain on every channel
AKAI S3200 (32 Megs RAM, working floppy drive, no internal drive, dim screen)

Lemme know if anything interests you.



It’s not “super mario sounds”.

Nanoloop mono is an analog synth on a gameboy cart; it doesn’t even use the gameboy soundchip.

Even chipmusic that uses old sound chips rarely sounds like “super mario sounds”.

Have a listen to this, this, this (shameless self promotion), and especially this, all made with gameboys, and none of them sound like “super mario sounds”.

It’s a bit of a “close to home” thing for me, as a chip musician who wants to remove the “lol videogames” association and just make some music; the reason I choose old consoles is because the old gaming soundchips can sound really cool if pushed to their limits.


Thanks for the correction! I love learning new things and disabusing myself of my own delusions.


I’m not much into making chiptune as a ‘genre’ myself (not that it can be pinned down like that), but I use gameboys or anything else that I think sounds cool, including things like old Psion Organisers which were not even designed to make sounds. The point being that if you don’t get it, fine don’t use it, or maybe try to explore it yourself.

This kid using 4 gameboys and a DJ mixer seems to be enjoying himself (isn’t that the point?)

It isn’t my preferred style of music to listen to, but I can appreciate the artisty and work that went into making and performing it, because I have used gameboys, it isn’t as easy as he makes it look, and actually I’d rather watch this than some old fart making his 12k worth of eurorack do quasi random chance music - But I don’t have a problem with that either, whatever floats your boat, right?


Thank you. So well said. Too many people are afraid to be sincere. These chip tune dorks (and I say that in a loving and self-aware away) are so much cooler doing their own thing than most of what I see and hear in this forum and elsewhere.


Yeah, if you listen to the whole set I can’t really understand how anyone can’t acknowledge that he is slaying, just as a small percentage of modular nerds, or Elektron nerds, or whatever other freaks are out there making a scene and not giving too much of a toss what anyone thinks, that’s smells like freedom to me :wink: Who cares what is being used, if its good its good.