NAMM 2019 predictions?


That says vector synth to me…just sayin…:rofl:


Oh man companies still doing those teasers
They’re not suspenseful, just annoying.
Just show us the thing when it’s ready for gods sake


Pretty sure its an add for colorful clown wigs.


with analog filters … but with extra “piano” keys like on the A4.


:thinking:… add a resonator and we get something that’s capable to kickstart the second revolution of digital hardware synths!

…and some freely assignable CV in and outs discreetly placed…for any gear…even for music unrelated stuff and ordinary household objects. I want to be able to control everything with CV!


:thinking: The Elektron announcement of Overbridge 3.0 :3lektron:


Seeing as OB 2.0 is almost two years old, it would be about time. I wonder what new features we can expect? Will mk1 boxes still be supported?