NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Im hoping the size of the a4/ar mkii is strictly because of the analog side of things. I do remember reading somewhere part of the bigger size was to create better spacing of the parts which should equal less noise on the signal. Would make sense as the OT mkii remained the same size. Another completely digital synth in the trinity size may be plausible if the analog stuff actually was a factor.

But, of the last 4 ENTIRELY new products (heat, drive, dt, dn) 3 of them were digibox size. I think that is going to remain the size for new products for a little while.


I predict new gear will be announced that will prompt me to learn how to take advantage of what I already own much more in depth.


There might be one or two more Elektron budget boxes.

I’m thinking about machines/engines. Something with a similar range of possibility as the MnM or MD would not be feasible to create in a Digi box. Based on what it would cost to R&D and to develop. Perhaps if the gear were good enough, people would be willing to pay > 1k for the Digi-format piece. It would be interesting to see.


As much as I would love a new full sized elektron box, I think this is where there is a big mistake in the perception of people who have been into elektron for a while. I felt this way at first about the dt.

The Digiboxes are not budget boxes. If you’re talking strictly price, they (heat, dt, dn) retail for about the price of a new non-uw machine drum when it was still available. Feature wise they are focused but complex especially when they are dived into deeply. IMO, dt/dn has better and more intuitive midi sequencing than everything but the OT, which isn’t as intuitive. No they aren’t the OT/MNM/MD deep, I’ll give that but I don’t think they are meant to be as open. The Sid station was their most focused box and it is legendary, I think that is being applied to the new boxes, focus. Not a Swiss Army knife but a well crafted santoku knife.

Elektron is terrible at marketing, and released 2 largely unfinished products which happen to be digiboxes in the last 2 year. I think this is why perception of the digiboxes is as a sub par product.

What’s interesting to me is the heat is often described as expensive while the digitakt is considered budget even though they are the same format, same complexity, same ethos


I thought the non-UW MD retailed for $1000 when it was first released.


yes around there, and eventually lowered to 600 with fluctuations in between. current digi lineup price 750-800 per box, didn’t start there but is there now. prices of elektron boxes tend to shift over time, that’s why i said “about the price”, not “exactly the price”.
but im not looking to change your mind about the digiboxes. I just think that if they were marketed properly and worked properly on release peoples perception of them would be quite different. It’s really easy to perceive something as budget when it doesn’t work right.


It would be sweet if thry released an 8 voice digital drum machine that also had 8 midi channels. Separate outputs, reverb, overdrive, and delay would round this out to be an amazing hub.


Yeah. Smaller square boxes in BLACK not 50 shades of grey.


Prediction new Elektron Product
Store will probably have limited stock of the new 2019 product so make sure you have enough funds in your credit card to pull the trigger in the first hour of the public presentation.
Hit refresh as soon as it starts
this may happen as soon as next week :slight_smile:


Even Cenk said, when unveiling the Digitakt, that they have limited features as a result of their lower cost.

I don’t mean “budget box” to discredit the digiboxes- they’re great on their own accord. But I’m just using that term as an invitation to people that can’t drop more than a grand on a single piece of gear.

Edit: though a part of me does wonder if the response to the A4 mk 1 had some effect in the limitations imposed on the DN. I wonder if it would have been a deeper and more open FM device if people hadn’t struggled with the A4 so much(to eventually learn to love it, I might add)


SP555/303 boutique would sell like hotcakes :pancakes:

I would buy one for sure!!


The Mk2 boxes make sense as proper desktop designs but less so for those carting about for live use. They really do look great in a hybrid set up an offering a less cramped experience in the studio.

I probably would’ve been happier with the MK1 designs plus either a tiltable screen or some sort of built in stand. To be be fair, the latter is fairly well covered by 3rd parties.


Man, I must be in the minority big time. Surprised so many folks are so passionate about the size and color of their machines. I personally like the size of the mk2’s and think they look really nice. I also think the Digitakt is the perfect size for what it is (I own a DT). On my OT MK2 and (soon to be arriving) A4 MK2 I wouldn’t want them any smaller than they are now. I find the ergonomics perfect. Some days it feels like no matter what this amazing company does, a line of folks form to complain about it, right here on Eketrons forum. Kinda weirds me out sometimes.


I think the bigger sizes are perfect ergonomics. It’s not as if for live you are carrying around a drum kit. Careful or else we will get mini keys!


Product Name: OverOut


My main gig involves an upright bass, electric bass, Grace preamp, Mesa amp and a 55lb cab…usually 3 times a week minimum…an OT and A4 ain’t gonna kill me :slight_smile:

Being a tad sarcastic…get whatever size you want for your own needs.


What an interesting thought. Since they dropped the extra charge for Overbridge it probably doesn’t create much, if any, revenue for them at all. Looking at the dev effort that must have gone into it, maybe the software implementation is intended to be more like a “gateway drug” with a hypothetical hardware implementation being the ultimate streaming solution that brings the pesos rolling in for them.


I agree that the mk2 analogs look nice, and certainly the extra features probably required larger enclosures, in my current setup though they won’t fit and the extra functions whilst tempting, are not something I really need, otherwise I’d probably have upgraded like I did for the OT.


…i said it already several times…digital drum machine with Sonic Charge uTonic inside.

All Doritis shall be sent to Cohiba. :wink:


what about the analog boxes in the smaller format, but more limited? like an analog one or two? similar pricing to DN or DT. get customers who got into Elektron via that path to buy an analog box.