NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

I was going to take a cool selfie with me holding some hipster beer to post in this thread as I launched into the NAMM news but then decided I couldn’t be bothered as it was a 14 hour day at work and it’s just no that funny… so you’ll just have to trust me that I’m sat here like johnny-no-mates, a can of mikkeller and an internet connection…

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Mikkeller is tasty as hell. Cheers pal :+1:

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Yeah, cheers bud. All I have is a lukewarm cup of tea and an alarmingly slow internet connection. :grin:

I think all the good synth news has been announced, which is actually a lot compared to the past few NAMMs. Minilogue XD, Volcas, Behringer RD-808 & MS-101 and preview of UB-Xa, Arturia Microfreak, Model:Sample, Waldorf Kyra, etc. Not bad!

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Aye, there’s a few bits and pieces there that will test my resolve for sure…

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Add Moog Sirin, TE PO Modular, and a few odd modules from Qu-Bit, MOK, Buchla “Red Panel”, Erica, and Rossum.

It’s a decent smorgasbord.

I feel like Roland may be holding out for the weekend, though.


Watched the Qu-bit Sonicstate video a little earlier… the Prism and new version of Chord are really, really interesting modules for sure.


Not to mention a nice collab scandal…


The only thing I’m remotely interested in buying are the Neumann headphones.

I was about to buy the Sennheiser HD 650 but the Neumanns look really interesting! Wonder how they sound in compression…

My father has the 650s, which I was totally underwhelmed by. However I don’t seem to get along with open backs at all from my experience. The Neumann’s promise to be flat, and judging by their monitors, I have no doubt in that claim, unlike any other headphone manufacturer.

yes, I have Neumann monitors, they are amazing!

I have the Ultrasone 900 Pro headphones, but they are not flat at all and would not be usable without Sonarworks. So I was looking for something more flat…

I have Neumann monitors too. Soon we can both have Neumanns for our heads! They’re about 500 USD by the way. It’s quite exciting as I’ve been looking for flat headphones for years and they just don’t exist.

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will try them out as soon as I can!

Maybe it’s a sign of growing old, but NAMM’19 is quite unimpressive till now.

BTW: calling monitors “iLoud” … really? :rofl:


These do look badass! Guess my Focal Spirit Pros will be eventually replaced by either these or the DT 1990 Pros

I like how they say these can be used without a headphone amp. Guessing the impedance isn’t overly high in ohms?

150 ohms I heard from a YouTube review. Nor bad at all. Though I think they have all the specs available on their website now. Frankly I’m ordering them as soon as they’re available.

Yeah, that Qu-bit Chords module could tempt me into setting up a modular system for Dub Techno. Maybe.

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So this thread has more or less morphed from predictions to NAMM 2019 – What’s up. So here goes.

New interface heyboard from Native Instruments. Their 1000th product in this line. The M32:

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Native Instruments created the most lackluster Moog clone I’ve ever seen, there’s not even a place for patching.

(But seriously, $119 for a Komplete Kontrol is pretty cool)

Edit: id be willing to bet that they’re losing money on these keyboards- or striking even. This keyboard is probably an investment to get people into the NI universe

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The perfect happy teen video intro from Yamaha.

The Sonogenic SHS-500 Keytar

Heck ya … if a miniature collie can groove out on this than so can i.