NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


I have Neumann monitors too. Soon we can both have Neumanns for our heads! They’re about 500 USD by the way. It’s quite exciting as I’ve been looking for flat headphones for years and they just don’t exist.


will try them out as soon as I can!


Maybe it’s a sign of growing old, but NAMM’19 is quite unimpressive till now.

BTW: calling monitors “iLoud” … really? :rofl:


These do look badass! Guess my Focal Spirit Pros will be eventually replaced by either these or the DT 1990 Pros

I like how they say these can be used without a headphone amp. Guessing the impedance isn’t overly high in ohms?


150 ohms I heard from a YouTube review. Nor bad at all. Though I think they have all the specs available on their website now. Frankly I’m ordering them as soon as they’re available.


Yeah, that Qu-bit Chords module could tempt me into setting up a modular system for Dub Techno. Maybe.


So this thread has more or less morphed from predictions to NAMM 2019 – What’s up. So here goes.

New interface heyboard from Native Instruments. Their 1000th product in this line. The M32:


Native Instruments created the most lackluster Moog clone I’ve ever seen, there’s not even a place for patching.

(But seriously, $119 for a Komplete Kontrol is pretty cool)

Edit: id be willing to bet that they’re losing money on these keyboards- or striking even. This keyboard is probably an investment to get people into the NI universe


The perfect happy teen video intro from Yamaha.

The Sonogenic SHS-500 Keytar

Heck ya … if a miniature collie can groove out on this than so can i.


Yamaha blew it. They tried to sell their keytar, but accidentally made an advertisement for a puppy.


one thing is for shure: ELEKTRON has a LOT of genius video-workers!!


What a strange product, is it meant for those who want to take the next step on from guitar hero?.


I think they’re thinking there’s a parallel with modern musical fashion and right around the time when keytars were all the rage.

Maybe they’re right


It’s Yamaha – don’t you think the Reface line would have sold better, if they packaged them like this? :grin:


I dont hate the idea of a keytar its the pretending to play part that puzzles me, is it just for fun or for those who want to look like a musician without having to learn?.


Zee Flame Mäander

Wävetable craziness in a desktop synth. Pretty unique. All those sliders makes this thing really playable. (My cat could play this for instance.)

ADDED: Thread here.


I think it’s a pretty routine feature. Demo songs on keyboards.

Also, I’m not sure how much it’s to “look” like being a musician- I think the “tar” aspect of the keytar implies jamming- so it’s to encourage jamming


Any clues on price,?


I must have got the wrong impression it looked like you loaded popular songs and pressed the keys to make it play, a bit like guitar hero.


I think it’s too early to know. Flame also has a Eurorack module related to this the 4VOX that is about $550.