NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

Roland with a drum module…

On the bright side, samples is looking way more innovative comparatively

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Yep, I’m the envy of my friend.

TM-1? They are completely different products with different customers base though.

Oh, I know.
I’m just being cheeky

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What time is namm in UK?

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Around 7pm.

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Just woke up, shit, 3 hours to wait then :roll_eyes:

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I was going to take a cool selfie with me holding some hipster beer to post in this thread as I launched into the NAMM news but then decided I couldn’t be bothered as it was a 14 hour day at work and it’s just no that funny… so you’ll just have to trust me that I’m sat here like johnny-no-mates, a can of mikkeller and an internet connection…

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Mikkeller is tasty as hell. Cheers pal :+1:

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Yeah, cheers bud. All I have is a lukewarm cup of tea and an alarmingly slow internet connection. :grin:

I think all the good synth news has been announced, which is actually a lot compared to the past few NAMMs. Minilogue XD, Volcas, Behringer RD-808 & MS-101 and preview of UB-Xa, Arturia Microfreak, Model:Sample, Waldorf Kyra, etc. Not bad!

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Aye, there’s a few bits and pieces there that will test my resolve for sure…

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Add Moog Sirin, TE PO Modular, and a few odd modules from Qu-Bit, MOK, Buchla “Red Panel”, Erica, and Rossum.

It’s a decent smorgasbord.

I feel like Roland may be holding out for the weekend, though.


Watched the Qu-bit Sonicstate video a little earlier… the Prism and new version of Chord are really, really interesting modules for sure.


Not to mention a nice collab scandal…


The only thing I’m remotely interested in buying are the Neumann headphones.

I was about to buy the Sennheiser HD 650 but the Neumanns look really interesting! Wonder how they sound in compression…

My father has the 650s, which I was totally underwhelmed by. However I don’t seem to get along with open backs at all from my experience. The Neumann’s promise to be flat, and judging by their monitors, I have no doubt in that claim, unlike any other headphone manufacturer.

yes, I have Neumann monitors, they are amazing!

I have the Ultrasone 900 Pro headphones, but they are not flat at all and would not be usable without Sonarworks. So I was looking for something more flat…