[NAMM '19] : OMG! Who didn’t sell out or let down?

“but the new ____________ will take my music to the next level:wink:


I tried; but no one was buying :frowning:

Well, thats a different story altogether.

Maybe next year?


About the “Collaboration” with mutable Instruments when it was really more of a remix

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… if early firmware bugs will let it happen anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where the #^€< is my fully switched/patchbayed LED displayed editor free moog Minitaur!

MI very clearly explain the details. There is no controversy unless you create one - https://forum.mutable-instruments.net/t/about-the-microfreak/14878

Let’s create art instead.

Mod edit : forum chat on this is over here


Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

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Any namm that passes without me getting unreasonably anxious because I don’t own something is a welcome non-event :slight_smile:

Saying that… minilogue xd, Arturia MF and volca modular all look good and prob pick up at least one of em.

well i’m glad to read that. i’ll still wait a bit to see if the quality is up to par on the physical components though :slight_smile:

The problem is not what is or isn’t presented. It’s more inflated expectations and the desire for ever more dopamine highs triggered by buying new stuff or in short terms, the older you get the more you have already experienced, and things tend to wear off over time.


Yay superbooth is coming!


NAMM’19 = cold turkey for long term gear junkies (till now) :smiley:


I was actually getting in the mood for NAMM this year. I think everything kind of jumped the shark a bit with Elektron’s Model:Samples then my interest plummeted.

Not saying the M:S doesn’t have a place or that it’s crap or anything. I 'm just guilty of letting the Hype Train take me on a ride and it just ended up nowhere near where I was hoping. Kind of like going on a journey and aiming for Paris and ending up in Blackpool…


It is very disappointing. I was expecting much more but if your into guitars its great.

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the biggest “innovations” were in the modular-ecosystems i think, like the new MAKENOISE-module or the fresh ROSSUM-/and MOK-WAVERAZOR-osci’s, the new collaboration of ERICA on this plasma-distortion, etc.

what i see here is a weird expectation at the wrong place: “real” innovation barely happens in big shows like this. it’s more often coming from smaller companies that simply could not afford attending NAMM or don’t want to be forced to accept this deadline during the year.


For me, this year’s NAMM was all about the 299 price point. Microfreak, RD808, RD909.

Minilogue XD also gets a pass

Add the new Neumann headphones into the mix and any hopes for not being broke (again) this year are gone :nyan:


You mean a bashingdrum?

…pun intended :smile:

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Nobody should get excited for trade shows anymore.

I am living literally right next to Frankfurt MusikMesse and have been going there since forever - I guess I lost all of that ‘naïveté’ about the marketing-spiels of all the exhibitors there years ago.
Getting your hopes up from those demos and announcements is bound to be disappointing in the end.

with the exception of very few things, nothing can hold up to the expectations being raised.
it´s almost like if George Lucas was to make more than 3 StarWars movies after…
(I just traumatized myself again there, sorry :sob: )

(what IS cool though is being there and getting hands on the new gear, I have to admit. shame none of the cool companies goe to MusikMesse anymore :stuck_out_tongue: )


Why are you unhappy? i am not sure i get it.

you expected something that was marketed as incredible and turned out to be disappointing?

So a decent analogue mono, a full size drum machine and a 4 voice paraphonic digital synth for under a grand. That’s an awesome starter kit for the youths!