Music with A4/DN/AR/OT (& friends)

Thank you!

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I had a question on how everything was plugged so I thought I could share the answer here too:

Hermod is the main brain so everything is plugged to it.

Hermod MIDI out to SubH

it sends clock/transport and override the SubH sequence with an external sequence for the chorus. (I have 2 patterns: one with no MIDI note sent to the SubH, therefore, SubH uses its internal sequencer and one with a MIDI note sequence sent to the SubH overriding the internal sequencer. I switch the patterns manually)

SubH starts with its internal sequencer doing a four on the floor chord progression.
But I have set 2 rhythms on the VCO2 that I start after the first chorus (When Hermod is sending MIDI, I can change the SubH rhythm settings without anybody noticing so it’s really practical to switch from the 4 on the floor sequence to the arpeggiated one)

Hermod clock out to DFAM

I just send clock into the adv/clock in. DFAM does the sonar sound with its 8 steps where I have different velocity settings and pitch being off (wanted to change the decay with the pitch sequence but run out of cables haha)

Hermod to Plaits

I have a cv/gate track using 2 euclidian MIDI FX chained together.
And a modulation track sending cv to the Model cv with a different rhythm from the euclidean one. That’s how I switch from kick/snare/hihat models to create the beat and the euclidian rhythm turns on itself so it kinda evolves all the time.
mid section I increase manually the decay of the Plaits to create longer kick/hh sounds.

The Plaits goes into Morphagene.

You can see me at the start live sample the Plaits.

Hermod to Morphagene

Hermod is sending a gate info every bar into the clock of the Morphagene. By doing so I can press the record button at any time and it will start in time with the next clock and I can stop the recording at any time, it will stop at the next clock. so you get perfectly synced recorded loop.

once my loop is recorded, I blend the loop sound in (you have a mixer knob on the Morphagene)
that is already reversed.

You can see me increase the delay on the DN when I record the loop as I wanted more weird sfx recorded.

Morphagene and DFAM goes into the 4ms Listen Four that goes into the DN with line level.
The DN is used as a FX box. I have the overdrive set at 20% at first and increase it all along. chorus on the drum too, why not haha. and I increase the delay from time to time to widen up the beat.

I record the DN ins via OB.

SubH is plugged directly into my Apollo Twin X (didn’t have enough patch cables!!)

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Digitone only track, recorded live for jamuary.

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my jam of the week with the Dark Trinity (kinda!).

Plaits is the main hero with the Analog Rytm here.
Playing with Hermod to modulate Plaits was a lot of fun.
Hope you’ll enjoy this one.


forgot the rundown of the above setup:

I’m using the Chord model of Plaits and modulating the Timbre (chord inversion) and Harmonic (chord type) with Hermod by using some random poly meter sequences to make the alteration evolves asymmetrically to the beat. Panning the out and aux of the plaits hard left/right gave quite a fun result here.
The modular rig goes into the OTO BAM for some lush reverb.

Analog Rytm is in charge of… well, the beat!
kick/snare/rimshot and clap all got track probability set and the snare sample is randomly triggered from the pool with an LFO.

Digitone and Analog Four were just here to be used as input extension to record my modular rig and the Prophet rev2 but I added a little something from each of them(DN/A4 are quite underused here).

Prophet rev2 goes into the A4 with a little reverberation/delay and chorus from the box.

Morphagene plays a reel of the Plaits reversed and slowed down with some Morph effects and grain stuffs for the very ending.

As you may know, there’s an Open Battle: Collabed going on here:

Below is our submission with @korpinen:

Hope you’ll enjoy the track as much as we enjoyed creating it and please go listen to other members submissions :slight_smile:


my next jam might be more rock than usual. bass is hard!!! this is my first take. it all started from a beat created on the Rytm

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Had these bookmarked for some time to give a listen, and finally heard that first one. It is a belter. So good. Looking forward to listening to the rest now.

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oh thanks man!
those are weekly jams and I create, record & mix them in half a day so quality may vary widely but hope you’ll hang in there and find some jams you like

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I’ve noticed that I didn’t post my favorite jams so far. hum.

anyway, here is my jam of the week, electric guitar, fuzzy bass and reversed vocals.
it all started with a very fun Analog Rytm beat. I think I’m gonna keep it this time!

steering away from my last “rock” jam, a simple piano piece (mind you, i don’t know how to play the piano)

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I don’t know why this jam always put me in a sad mood.
perhaps the cheesy “before I go hold me” and all the memories it brings back.

anyway, setup is:

Kick from DFAM sequenced by the A4.
A4 is the weird flute and bass.
Digitone is the pad and some other drums.
Boog D is the starting pad into the BAM.


Digitone only series with one of the sound being the default sine wave :smile:

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I don’t know what happened. it was supposed to be an ambient-ish jam
and then… something went wrong, very wrong.

Digitone is bass, snare, pad and mixer for the OT (overdrive yeah).
Octatrack is everything but violins/horns (added afterward).
It was fun to fool around with slicing audio files.
First time I’ve used the sequencer in mute, slice and piano mode!
I think my OT mastery has gone through the roof, like, I don’t know, 2%?

Adlib vocals.


Analog Rytm (no samples) and Digitone jam.
I’ve started by using the knobs to change the distortion on the delay for the pads of the AR but then realized there’s a perf mode and well, that’s so much better! I like the physical interaction so much more.