Multi-timbral sound module - what to buy?

I have plenty of synth in my studio, but i feel i have the need for a multi-timbral module.
I “just” need to be able to play on 3-4 midi channels.

What else is out there?

I used to have a JV1080, that is not what I am looking for.

Virus, Nord, Blofeld, Nova… used to be a pretty standard feature on digital synths.

You could also use something like a laptop or ipad.

Preen fm 2
4 parts
Voices split across according to the operater used.
It has Scala support
28 different algorithms
Cc over midi
Small form factor.
Edit: to add on that the preen is relatively cheap.

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MI Ambika - 6 part multitimbral 6 voice synth.

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I know, right? It’s kinda obvious.

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Virus C. 32 voices, 16 part multitimbral.

+1 Virus

I’m about to put a Waldorf Blofeld up for sale £250 if that’s interesting for you?

Emu proteus 1, none of these costly modules listed have anything close to a slap bass sound.


Futuresonus Parva

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What’s the smallest one? :smiley:

You may wanna check out what Korg are bringing to namm.

P.s you can see it on the namm speculation thread. Wow!

Virus Snow/Ti or Supernova II

I’m thinking of buying one of these to sequence from OT. Would love a DN but I aint got funds for that anytime soon but the preen goes pretty cheap and is tiny. Heard some tidy demos.
Do you own one? I was wondering how useable the filters and other FX are and what the gate FX is exactly? Any hanging notes or midi choking?
Sorry for derailing - hopefully the op finds it useful!


I do own one and I would check out the manual
It has 7 modulation sources
Several filter types including a bit crush
User waves
Dx7 compatible patches, although I heard it’s just missing the feed back feature.
I sequence it with my squarp and it’s funtimes

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I do my sequencing from a Pyramid, including sequencing an OT, but i think Id echo the previous comment about a Proteus.

Im using 2xOrbit V2, an XL1, and a Planet Earth to fill out my OT sounds. Some of the most resilient operating systems i have ever worked with. You can find them in Reverb & eBay but im sure the “used”/obsolete label makes them less desirable to people not familiar. They are rackmount tho and easy to transport. Pain to pgm if youre not used to digital synths and/or running an editor/librarian pgm.

Again: rackmount!

Plus: that 90s sound! LOL

Cool, I’ll have a search for it. Man it seems a pretty sweet deal and packed with features. It has become very appealing !

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Did I mention it has a randomize function?
The engine, envelopes, and modulations can all be randomly adjusted at once or separately.
I don’t use it much myself unless I’ve finished a patch and want to throw some pepper into it.

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Being able to randomise individual functions sounds pretty useful! Need to update rytm an a4 to have a shot of that random generator.
Aye, I’m gonna keep an eye out for a cheap preen I think :+1: