MPC Live & MPC X


yeah - ext CCs - that’s what I was wondering.


Nice !! cheers Dude


Thanks! Hope you like them and stuff.

I had actually made a few sequences in the project to show off the sounds, but I ended up liking them so much that I had to keep them for myself haha :ecstatic:


Hi guys (first time poster), I have been reading this post because I am looking for a piece of gear to complement my digitakt and digitone (and some other synths) setup. My first and foremost question is: Can the MCP live/X sequence the patterns of my Digis from within it´s midi sequencer? I don´t want to start a discussion about “song mode” on the Digis. I like them both for what they can do, but I feel I would like to have an organisational center for my live setup that is somewhat like a DAW but hardware.


sounds like great update!
update files not there yet, though… )


It’ll be interesting to see release notes, especially in case the save corruption bug got squashed.


ALS export. Oh man. I hope this is also for mpc 2.6 software too. This would be cool for studio / ren users too


Automation lanes ?! Pinch me I’m dreaming ! Game changer for me who is so reliant on the p-locking mechanism… Awesome :+1:


Any idea when this update drops??? I’m preparing for vacation and this would be perfect while I make beats on the beach!!! :sunglasses:


This is great news, really looking forward to the automation updates!

Nice work Akai, well done :thup:


hope the angry mob leaves them be now to tidy up the interface inconsistency. and multi midi I and O (and please multi channel per program)…
pretty cool update


Not just lanes but also automation in the step edit screen!


2.6 is sooo cool.
Now waiting for disk streaming and I’m done :sunglasses:


“it’ll be out probably within a week or so.”


That Midi I/O thing…Multitimbral mode, it would really open up the MPC Live to serving as a MIDI sequencer centerpiece of a more or less complex setup.

That and I miss the JJOSXL feature of pressing SHIFT + PAD to select/jump to a track.


Just a quick update about this… I’ve been going back and forth with one of Akai’s software engineers for about month now, and we are able to reproduce this issue faithfully, on both my machine and his, using the steps I provided. However, the corruption only seems to occur with certain files. For instance, we are able to predictably recreate the degradation problem on his MPC, using samples made on my MPC, but not the other way around; and neither of us has been able to demonstrate this behaviour using the MPC’s factory content. That said, it’s yet to be determined whether the cause is software or hardware related. To that end, perchance it is a hardware fault, a second MPC is currently on its way to me for testing.

So, here’s hoping that it’s just a bad A/D converter or something. Of course, that won’t save the work I’ve lost, but at least the rest of you would be in the clear. If it’s project related, on the other hand, it may well be an overarching software issue, which would be of concern to everyone. At any rate, I’ll keep y’all posted…



2.6 looking like !!!

summer NAMM is this weekend so guessing its dropping very soon. Didn’t expect ALS export, that is so cool! Now I can just use the MPC as a MIDI sequencer and also get to continue my work in the lab in ableton, sweet!


They’re clowin’

That ALS export looks sick.


Jam on a beat, wherever, because it’s battery powered.

Save as an ALS

Open at home on your DAW and keep jamming


Yea. When’s this out?


There’s also a very big chance that ALS export is added to the software version of MPC. If so, life just got a lot easier with regards to some collab works. I got some friends who have MPC touch or studio and they use logic as their DAW, and getting multitracks has been a bit clunky before. Now they can just export the ALS projects for the collabs themselves :nyan: