MPC Live & MPC X


Hi everyone. I just bought a Live and have a very simple question regarding samples. (Running 2.4 OS)

Is there any way I can trim a sample the way I like it and then save it purely as a wav file to my external drive? I would love to do some sample collection and management with this device without having to nest the sample files within programs or projects. (This method is also nice for sampling wherever I go and then being able to load the sample files quickly into whatever DAW I’m using at home.)
Or at least a way to save the sample as a .snd file (or whatever it’s called now.)? I can’t find any option for simple wav or sound save in Edit Mode.



Yes and no.
You can but not from the edit screen, you assign it to a pad first, then go to the main screen, click the pencil on the bottom right (program) and Save Current Sample.



I think I was able to do this with a 2000XL, which is 20 years old :slight_smile:
So will it then be saved as a single wav file?
Thanks for the tip!


Or when you save the project, all files will be saved too, but then you would have to connect to a computer and manage the files there.
One of the MPC’s weirdest things.


I bought an mpc live this week, for making lofi hiphop in my living room and sample animal sounds with nu children
Although i love nu ar-2 and A4-2, this mpc live Amazed me completely
It feels so relaxed to nake music with it, the sound is so good and there is so much creativity in using samples and the pads are so good!


You don’t actually need to connect to a computer per se. Whenever you activate controller mode, all the connected cards/usb sticks/disks plus the internal HDD/SSD (if installed) mount up as normal drives to any USB host on the other end of the cable. You can open the files up with the force or connect it to a NAS USB port or whatever.


Is there an easy way to copy a whole pad bank from one program to another (or within programs)?
I could find a workaround; it just seems like it would be a logical option, but it’s not in the manual.


Whats a NAS USB device?



well, now we have nice new effects, let’s talk about master effects chain again :slight_smile:
i’ve used this one before:

fuzz at beginning, cause i just like my music to be a bit saturated. and mpc3000 as a limiter here.
want to tweak this chain a bit, with new compressor, to make it a bit more dynamic. and new eq, maybe.
can anyone share their master fx setup?


I’m lazy, I just put the AIR Mastering on the master and tweak till I’m happy…


I sometimes like to use several instances of the MPC vintage effects in series.

But truth be told, haven’t really considered mastering with the MPC tbh


yeah, me too, it’s just for the live set to be compressed and to sound good on the club’s soundsystem


For that, I just use the analog heat. Personally not a fan of compression.


Hey guys! Now that the mpc live is a more mature product, what’s your opinion about it? Thinking about replacing my sampling trilogy (digitakt / mpc500 / sp404sx) by one…

Edit: for a bit of background, I’m a jungle / boombap head, so lots and lots of chops in my music


I’m about to release as a template the ultimate master chain for the new MPC series through my website store!(
No need for anything else after that it’s the bomb!Instant Mastering!Tweaking the last details…
Stay tuned!


For jungle and boombap, can’t really think of a better box, unless you want a “vintage” sampler sound… In which case maybe MPC3000 or an EMU sampler would give more of that? My solution for that is a korg volca sample & PO-33, I just sample the “vintage” sounds into either of those and resample back into MPC live if I want sampler grunge.

Only caveat for you could be the step sequencer. Its nowhere near elektron-level, no plocks / sample locks, and the touch UI could be slicker for that.


For me, the tricky one there is the SP-404SX. I have one, and although I just bought an MPC Live, I find myself leaning toward keeping the 404. Despite the fact that it’s practically made from recycled alarm clock parts, it does bring two things to the table that the MPC does not (at least not yet anyway):

  1. It has the unique ability to stream up-to 6 stereo/12 mono samples at a time, of virtually any length (up-to the 32gb limit), directly from the SD card (which is literally days worth of audio). That said, disk-streaming is supposed to be coming to the MPC at some point, but as of right now, the 404 still has the advantage there.

  2. The FX. Period. Simply put, there are a few algorithms in there that cannot be replaced. If nothing else, they’d be valuable to resample through back into the MPC. Hell, I’d be using the 404 across the main outputs of the MPC, just as an FX unit, if only its inputs weren’t -10db consumer level RCA connections (sigh).

Otherwise, I think the sample/sound locks and other key aspects of the Elektron sequencer can, at very least, be emulated on the MPC, and the Live is light years beyond the 500 in my opinion. Of course, it all depends on how you use your boxes.




Anyone else noticing the latency when monitoring using the audio input and midi sequencing gear using the drum pads? Normally I use the mpc to drive a lot of gear that’s plugged into my mixer but I took it and my emx2 out with me and noticed that the latency only appeared when attempting to sequence the korg via mpc pads…maybe a midi thing? I didn’t seem to experience same latency when monitoring stuff I was tapping out on the emx2 itself…


As for 2. you could run the MPC to the 404 from the headphone output using a minijack-rca cable