MPC Live & MPC X


Akai definitely come across shady, akai to me is like that weird older guy at the party with shades on and gelled up hair making girls uncomfortable but everyone lets him stay cause he brings coke and occasionaly puts a rare groove on


Yeah - I need to find 5 spare minutes to update, but it’s looking like a solid update on paper.

Wonder how many simultaneous audio tracks / stems we can run now without failures? At least one of my projects, will be material produced on Cubase or Ableton, with stems for playing live.


ok, i’m updated, went smoothly
stretching is working, though i need to manually set bpm to samples, instead of them autodetect it. it sounds ok, i guess, cause i’m gonna use it mostly on drumloops in live jam situation. bass stuff stretches not so well :slight_smile:
midi master sync improved in my opinion, tried it with octatrack, sounds tight enough.
also tried ableton link sync with my iphone app, it syncs ok.
so far so good!


That ableton link sync is actually a pretty big deal now that I think about the implications. I’m using a hybrig rig at my main den, jumping between OTB with live, ITB with ableton and a combo of both depending on the situation. Now there’s a super simple way to sync both setups for cross-pollination :diddly:

And the list editor is finally here! Cant wait to give it a go when I update :heart_eyes:


After my first day with the live im super happy, just one thing though, no copying in grid edit? Whats with that🤔


New update solves this!


Oh great! Perfect timing, using the ‘copy’ button I assume?


Yep, press copy and it immediately pastes it after the highlighted part. i just gave it a go and it worked!


People have been testing 16 LEVELS with the new drum program warping, and everything is working as expected with the new update. IIRC this was of interest to some people on this board earlier - Being able to play a sample chromatically without the timing changing now works!! :thup: :thup:


I bought MPC Live a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I have not yet played with the clip mode but now with the new update clip mode might be obsolete. I have this paired with the MnM and Nord Lead 3, I’m super excited with what I will come up with this setup!


Clip mode? oh yeah, that one… I’ve never actually even tried it yet lol! I read that clip prog sounds cut off if you switch the track, unless they are recorded into the seq, which makes them slightly useless in my book.

Well, no need for that anymore with drum progs warping… Hmm, wait, does this now also mean that I can round robin with timestretched loops? :loopy: :ecstatic:


The clip mode seemed a little awkward to me so I never attempted to use it. Now I’ll just load drum programs with sample loops and play them chromatically on occasion. Ableton in a box!!!
This is the best investment I’ve made in a long time.


I too really, really like mine and am finally convinced that selling off my other MPCs is going to be a reality sooner or later. Just need a few more updates, there are still a few bugs but more importantly some workflow niggless still exist which will be hopefully adressed eventually.

Akai has already stated working on the next update, which will introduce workflow improvements.


Definitely my other MPC and MV will go up for sale lol


I tried it, finding grid edit a bit weird against the 1k with my <> buttons. I find the magnification a bit unusual too but I think its just cause if how im used to zooming on ios, im sure ill get used to it

@Geneoart im scared the 1k is gonna go neglected, i cant being myself to sell it :anguished: Might just hold it and hope it goes the way of mpc 60s and give it to my son when hes older


I’m a big supporter of holding on to gear but in this case I need to make room for the new box!!! I just can’t see the MPC 1000 being the next MPC 60 but an OT on the other hand definitely will be.


I still have a few complains (lack of sidechain and “utilitarian” reverb) but I have workarounds for it, overall I’m really happy with the Live.

Not sure why I can’t time-stretch samples in program mode, just in drum mode, but I can live with it, barely use programs anyway…


I think when jjos stops being available and 1ks stop being so common a couple of decades down the line they’ll be worth more than now even for the historic value, the whole jj situation is a massive anomaly, if not for monetary value I think it will be nice to hold a piece of sampler history, they won’t be so common forever. I don’t think theyll be held in high esteem for unique sound character at all though, I wish my dad had picked up a few bits and bobs for me in the 80s :sweat_smile:

@automageddon yeah could definitely do with sidechaining. Is there a way to grid edit CC information? Could be a dream on a touch screen, not sure if it’s there though


Good point. Maybe I’ll reconsider the Selling the 1000 but my MV has got to go it’s just too freaking big. Lol


Hi I’m having serious trouble getting mpc live to enter controller mode. Feeling like I’ve tried every solution I can find on the Akai forum. I’ve updated ilok, tried different cables and ports. Have reinstalled software and drivers a million times:) I’m on windows 10. The software I download from my akai account is called 2.0 beta and the firmware is 2.05. image above appears at the end when installing drivers. I hit ignore. Software opens fine though. Any help is much appreciated.