Most disconcerting (non-violent) films you've seen?

I watch Chuck & Buck last night. WOW that was something else! I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it for a while…

Not so “non -violent” but it’s not Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Disconcerting…i guarantee it.

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With this one I felt very uncomfortably, but I liked it:

I quite like all movies from Quentin Dupieux.
Maybe this one is disconcerting - it is one of my favorite movies:


Haven’t seen the last two from Dupieux but the “Canadian/American” era is fantastic.
Steak will remain my favorite for sure, but Wrong Cops is a gem indeed.
Almost a masterpiece ( a cut away from being it )

Lija-4-Ever. Felt sick to emotionaly after looking at that movie for 2 weeks, maybe was in a bad headspace atm but that movie fucking hurt me :flushed:


„Steak“ is great - chivers! :quirky:
Just watched „Incredible but true“, it is funny but I liked „Mandibles“ more.

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was just gonna say happiness. i remember throwing that dvd in the trash when i was like 14-15

also, megan is missing. sort of violent in a way maybe? was really upset with myself for watching that

martyrs is maybe too violent, but same idea. the house that jack built the cell would go there. wassup rockers . run hide fight too, along with dragged across concrete. violent but i think worth mentioning because the violence isn’t gory, its the disconcerting part. the nature of evil. as in funny games. i know there are a few more that have scarred me for life

oh, and female troubles, michael [2011]

i have this pretty awesome oral surgeon who recommends weird movies to me. and the last one was “her name was christa”. very bad idea. dont watch that one

was this inspired by the White Lotus?

the ending of this film wrecked my head

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Maybe not super edgy or disconcerting for many, but Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind came out at a time that I feel was good timing for me.


Actually no, I didn’t know of the connection until after watching it. I wanted to watch School of Rock which I never saw but it wasn’t free on Prime and this was suggested. I thought it was going to be some silly bro comedy but was pleasantly surprised.


prime has the weirdest movies

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the imdb for the movie in the op reminded me of Edmond for some reason. not a similar synopsis at all, but a very dark movie that i really like with william h macy

i think Love Liza is the best disconcerting movie

gummo sitll makes me feel gross, but thats an obvious one

Requiem for a Dream, also Black Swan.

Requiem for a Dream was traumatizing by the end, but Black Swan had scenes that felt like a bug crawled into my brain


David Cronenberg’s Spider. I am a big Cronenberg fan, and yeah they are all weird. But this is the only one that weirded me out deep to the core where I wouldn’t be in a rush to rewatch it, because I remember the feeling it put in me.


Love that film, it’s soooooo darkly funny :sweat_smile:

That one broke me. It’s so nihilistic it hurts.

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