Moog Sound Studio


Here are the price tags:


DFAM + Subh would make a great piano companion. Just need some reverb :yum:

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Looks like a nice little kit for someone looking to get into the moog semi-modulars. About 100 USD more than the 2 separate units, and it gets you a stand, a little mixer and some extra goodies.

I’d like to see the system they’ve worked out for randomization. You can use your own dice, but i imagine they’ve worked out some of the detail for how to fit the randomization to your two synths.

I already own the DFAM, with a Subharmonicon on the list (a retailer bungled my order), but i am eyeing the MSS enviously.

Classic Moog style to hold the announcement ‘til the systems are already in the stores.

Those extras look cool. Wonder how the mixer sounds…

I believe it’s a passive mixer, that’s going to sound good. I like that it is combined with power distribution, so only one wall wart.

The way their cable organizer hangs from the rack would be nice too. That would be a Moog exclusive i thinks.

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I sometimes miss the mother dfam combo. Was great fun, but not that productive, more like endless jams. Which is also great
Kind of want to try dfam + SH. They are both really unique and happy accident machines… at least that‘s what videos of the SH suggest


How cool. A Bonobo Moog Track :slight_smile:


If its true you can no longer buy the synths separately, that sucks.

I’m sure the passive mixer is fine, Id rather use my own mixer, or my octatrack. The cable organiser wotsit looks goofy to me. The cardboard cutouts and dice might be cool for kids, but not really something I want to spend money on.

Nice little package sure, I actually like the aesthetic of everything, but let people buy the gear separately, and make their own choices.


I must’ve missed that part. If true that’s seriously a bad call from Moog. Weren’t there loads of people making giant mother32 stacks and such?


Where are you inferring/reading this?

They’re all still available standalone to order.


Yup, still see them available as standalone units at Chuck Levins, which is also selling the Sound Studio bundle.

Sweetwater also continues to sell them as individual units

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Reading from a post by @Jukka

Moog DFAM - #655 by Jukka

As I said, if true, sucks. If false, no worries.


I believe he was referring to the extras that come with the kit, such as the mixer, the exercises and games, artwork, etc., and not the synths themselves.


Sorry for not being clearer.

What i was referencing was from the Synthtopia article:

We asked Moog if these will be available separately for existing Moog Eurorack system owners. They do not have plans to sell them separately at this time.

So if you already own one or all three of these synths you can’t buy the parts of the MSS that you don’t own. It’s a package, and you buy it all together. (Apart from the free stuff, you can download on-line.)

The cable organizer, for instance would be nice. The stand though i think is the one they already sell.


I think this was a fun way for Moog to repackage some of their semi-modular lineup. Now it just makes sense to do a 3 pack ultimate bundle with even more cool stuff in the package! Like throw in a shirt, or Moog One for free.


I take the shirt any day


Personal Summing Mixer?

The SH is not an easy machine like the others, steep learning curve and needs some practice to get something useful out of it. Nothing for impatient choleric people like me…:sunglasses::grimacing::upside_down_face:

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This also feels like something they may offer at a discount to schools. The Apple thing of getting a key group familiar with your products, to build brand loyalty.

In some ways it’s nothing new, i hesitated starting a thread off this, as it is old wine in new bottles. On the other hand it is special too.