Moog Vocoder


Neat. I would also love to see the subharmonium thingy released.


good call! yeah I knew the BFAM became the DFAM, but didn’t realize they looked so different from one another!


Really nice track by the way. Interesting machine as well.


the 1979 Moog Vocoder which was pretty identical to the Bode 7702 vocoder.

nice to see analog vocoders are still a thing! the real decision…to build or not to build?


This sounds really clean. Incredibly corny rhymes too.

ADDED: WARNING EAR WORM! From NYC Peech Boy BIG hit “Come on, Come on” which uses the same vocoder. Oh god why can’t they still make music like that! What’s that snare hit? I need that.


i need a subharmonicon


Could this be the Moog Matriarch? (It seems to small?)

I notice that part of the trademark filing says:
multiple resonant filter array and animating those frequencies using a built-in pattern generator

So if you could sequence or “animate” the frequency bands in something like this thing at the Engineering Workshop that would be neat.


I can’t seem to make the video link work… :thinking:
There’s an underscore (_) before DBc and after, the forum puts it in italics… :smile:


FYI that’s the same video as was in the IG post, linked from the first post in this thread. better quality though!


Matriarch vs Spectravox

Here’s the two trademark applications if anyone is interested.

The Matriarch name was filed a month before the Spectravox one which was filed a couple weeks back. While there are similarities in the descriptions it would seem they are two different products, not Moog trademarking “Matriarch” and then changing their mind and filing a different name instead.

Perhaps the product of this thread, the Spectravox is an experiment along the path to the Matriarch.

Superbooth 19

So now that we know a little more about the Matriarch; and now that MoogFest has started what more is there on the Spectravox?


Loopop of course. Damn the Spectravox is wicked in ambient sound.

Moog better not hide this away like they did with the Subharmonicon !


Two new videos in this beside the Loopop one. It includes one done from a guy’s car. (At least he’s in the drivers seat?) And the other one without putting all the plastic parts on the sliders and pots for the synth. I guess it doesn’t matter – i like this thing and it sounds wild.

OK next year i’m going to pay the freight and go Moogfest engineering session.


Really good video from Loopop, as usual, that explains and demonstrates multiple features of the Spectravox. Note – the keyboard he used here is the Sensel Morph. This is the one video to watch on Spectravox.

BTW: The reason i am modifying this post rather than posting a new one is because you get locked out from posting more than three in a row consecutively; hope i’m not breaking the rules too severely here.

I doubt that i’m not the only person that finds this multi-function synth interesting.
I like the Matriarch very much, but the Spectravox is getting more of my attention.


isn’t it $1500? sure it’s worth it…? I mean both of these are cool but yikes.


I completely agree with you if all this was, was a way to buy a synth – but i see it as a lot more than that. Heck if nothing more than a place to spend a few days and meet a bunch of interesting people – that’s worth the margin of cost on the synth to me. It also depends how precious this amount of money is to you – it isn’t to me. I also really like doing electronic assembly.

Weird to think but if i went i almost might switch sides and hope that the engineering synth is not sold commercially – as the one that you have then goes way up in value. For instance what’s the price of a Subharmonicon now?

So it’s: Yikes! Why haven’t i gone before.


Definitely watching this later. Hope they release this and I hope that it’s vocoder section is great; I’d like a good vocoder and really don’t want to have to consider the Behringer, because… well, Behringer.


I think there are better vocoders out there, if your measure is the intelligibility of the output. The 1979 Moog Vocoder that i put videos above is much better in this regard. The Spectravox is only 8 band and analog so it’s less impressive that way. It’s all the other ways this is put together, that you’ll see in Loopops detailed review when you watch it, that make the Spectravox so interesting to me.

As far as other vocoders out there the Waldorf STVC has my interest – that is if they ever do ship that thing, it’s very late! The Roland VT4 is nice now too.


We still haven’t heard a decent demo of it using a polysynth plugged into the Carrier input. Loopop’s video above starts out with something plugged into that input while he’s describing it, but then when the sound demo starts he’s just using the internal mono oscillator instead. Kind of frustrating. I’d really like to hear some chords from a string synth ran through it.


Is there a “rule” to good carriers for vocoders?
Or does each one react differently?
Do richer (i.e. sawtooth) waveforms work better?

Just curious about vocoder carriers in general.


If you wanna just own it, yeah that’s expensive. if you want to learn how to built it by the pros : that’s a great price


for sure it could be worth it for the experience. not sure that it would be for me, after travel, lodging, time off of work, etc… I’m sure it’s fun though!