Monomachine "sampling upgrade"

Hey all - wouldn’t it be cool if the Monomachine had a sampling upgrade? Well now it kind of does. Basically you can kind of coerce the Mono into playing back samples if you have the DigiPro option. What does it sound like? Just like what you’d think a Monomachine/sampler mutant zombie would sound like.

PS - don’t tell the Elektron HQ guys I am abusing their synth :slight_smile:


Youtube won’t allow me to access the video.
Says video is private.

How long / what size samples are you feeding into it?

Sorry, fixed.

There is a max “sampling time” of about 6.4 seconds. Details in the video. It’s kind of like the Ensoniq Mirage regarding memory, not much… Monaural only.


Completely ingenious. This is fantastic. :+1: :+1: :+1: Mayhem with the LFO shape sounds really interesting and cool.

If it wasn’t for the slices transferring back and forth between a MDUW, RYTM with this workflow would be sweet. :joy:

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Oh yeah! Thinking outside the box to get it in the box, nicely done :slight_smile:

Another Catabolic video, another day I miss the NEXT LEVEL icon :wink:


super impressive … again, this shows me how not deep i went into the MM b4 selling…

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

What is the sample size limit for custom waveforms for the DigiPro? 512 samples?

Hey Chad. You have 64 DigiPro slots, and the max time per slot is 0.1 seconds. So you could have six one-second samples or however else you want to divvy up the space.

Remember we are kind of “abusing” the single-cycle waveform concept, so the closer you get to 0.1 seconds per slice, the lower the quality and the more you will have to transpose your sample down. Also, the fewer the slices you use, the lower the quality.

I don’t necessarily think “low quality” is something to always avoid here. We all carry fairly high-quality samplers around on our phones now (the mic’s might be cheap but the A/D-D/A is fine), so lo-fi sampling is more interesting in a way because it contrasts with the usual.

For the video, my original “the rules” sample is about one second or so. I sliced it into 32 slices using the Octatrack. So that is pretty high quality for the Monomachine.

@energyovertime Thanks, I’d love to visit their HQ and get a peek behind the scenes. But I only have ideas like this every so often and probably couldn’t earn much of a salary off of them :slight_smile:

I’ll just mention this one too - If you slow down the LFO speed, the effect is a bit like granular synthesis or very crude time-stretching. It would be really cool to throw a drum loop in there now that I think about it, and slow it down.


Whoops, I read your question wrong Chad. I don’t know how many individual samples per waveform it allows. I would be curious to find out if you learn what the exact number is.

I will leave the rest of my post up there in case it helps someone.

Hey Veets,

Thanks for the additional details. I’ll try and dig around to see if I can find the exact amount.

In theory you can extend your ‘Sample Time’ by reducing your source sample rates. I don’t have a MonoMachine but I’d love to try this.

I’m going to give this a spin on my DSI Evolver. The Evolver waveform sample limit is 128 samples with 32 custom slots. So only 4096 samples to work with total. I could get close to 1 second of sample time with a sample rate of 6000 or so.

this is really nice! well done and thanks for sharing Veets :slight_smile:
6.4 seconds seems pretty reasonable to me…considering the lack of sampling capability on the MM this is way more than good! :smiley:

thank you veets, great idea
now lets all upload sample packs for the monomachine
here is the first one: juno 106 pad, just unzipp and digpro click convert in c6
juno pack
up next will be a sh 101, 202, 303, make noise dpo, monopoly, polysix
please contribute more and give feedback

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Wow, how is this not the top post on the forum? I’ll have to go load your 106 samples into my Mono ASAP. Cheers! :+1:

sh 101 bass uploaded - enjoy!!
struggling with the pitch - but i just pitch down in monomachine
work in progress

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transpose down to -42 in poly mode
use decay in filter and attack
use eq
sh101 styles

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Awesome share Orwell, can’t wait to try that 106 out especially!

(To everyone. Yes, if your slices are long, you may have to transpose a lot. If you go beyond 0.1 seconds per slice, it is almost impossible to transpose back to the original pitch. Shorter slices, less transposing. On my original, I did one second of sample divided by 32 slices or around 0.03 seconds per slice. )